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RAM Hoists - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS at your service since 1975 RAASM works to offer the best through continuous improvement, in terms of performance, functionality and reliability of its products.

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5 YEARS WARRANTY Made In Italy HELP THE NATURE Packaging contains, depending on the articles, one or more of the following materials; they must be recycled in accordance with current regulations in the country of use. cardboard • polyethylene sack • polystyrene paper • wood • nails • plastic strap cellophane • clips • g

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Strength points The pneumatic piston pump hoists make the drum’s exchange simple and fast thanks to the hoisting system with one or two columns activated pneumatically. Additionally, models equipped with the follower plate will enable you to pump grease even beyond the NLGI 3 grade, highly viscous fluids and even with high temperatures. • Facilitates the drum’s exchange The new base allows the accommodation of a pallet, making the drum’s substitution and its proper positioning easier. • Unparalleled efficiency The pneumatic control of the minimum and maximum drum’s level allows the simplifying...

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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS The hoists for pneumatic piston pumps, operating with follower plate, can compress grease even beyond the NLGI 3 grade, very viscous fluids and even with high temperatures. Excavator industry These articles may be used in any industrial contest, requiring the substantial, fast and safe pumping of: - greases - oils Glues and paints industry - industrial fluids - paints - inks - silicones and glues - resins - ... and many others

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Support with pump positioning clamps STANDARD BRACKETS All the ram hoists are equipped with 2 standard brackets (A - B) suitable for mounting all our industrial pumps. BRACKETS ON REQUEST . ■ KR1102: Support bracket L    ■ suitable to mount pump with 0 30 mm suction tube. Pneumatic control panel Output pressure group control Visible air bleeder -----------------------1 Pump air feeding ball valve Pressure regulator with manometer for pump air feeding Pressure regulator with manometer for twin column ram air feeding “Follower plate and pump lifting” position “Off” position “Follower plate descent”...

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Air-operated pump elevator The pump elevators are available in single column (with or without basement) or twin column version. It is raised by compressed air, via the side mounted 3-way valve that allows to change the drum easily and quickly. O Comfortable drum change, pump always mounted

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In order to satisfy any particular need it is possible to create a “Personalized kit”. According to the kind of fluids, please follow the specific column and choose the right part number in each one of the 3 steps: GREASE AND VISCOUS FLUIDS PROCEDURE OIL AND INDUSTRIAL FLUIDS PROCEDURE Choose the ram hoist (see page on the left), and then complete your kit with Pump, Follower plate and Drum cover. Choose the ram hoist (see page on the left), and then complete your kit with Pump, Follower plate and Bung adaptor. Oil and viscous fluids drum cover Grease and viscous fluids follower plate P/N 66590...

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Ram hoists The two versions P/N 10/85 and P/N 11/85 include the use of a follower plate with double seal to facilitate the pumping of grease with high viscosity. They differ according to the type of accommodation base for pallet. ©Simple positioning drum, efficient with viscous grease theoretical valves, friction coefficient has not been considered. Furthermore depression's force created by the pump during suction (+2100 kg) must be added to the listed figures. 14

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In order to satisfy any particular need it is possible to create a “Personalized kit”. According to the kind of fluids choose the right part number in each one of the 4 steps: Grease, viscous fluids, oil and industrial fluids pumps Choose the ram hoist (see page on the left), and then complete your kit according with your needs with one of the industrial pump below. We introduce the main versions but all the RAASM industrial pumps are suitable. P/N Series Ratio Flow rate Seals Suct. tube Follower plate Add to the kit the follower plate with double seal P/N 11/60. Adaptor Choose the adaptor to...

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Ram hoist kits Air-operated twin column ram hoist with industrial pump. It is raised and lowered by compressed air, via the side mounted 3-way valve. Essential when pumping high viscosity and heavy fluids since ram pushes down the follower plate helping pump working. It is suitable for 180 ^ 220 kg drums. ©useful with higher viscosity grease and higher distances

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The kits offered in these two pages differ in the industrial pneumatic pumps installed. Usable with drums from 180 ^ to 220 kg, they are designed to pump also very viscous fluids and grease at various distances. According to the personal needs, choose the most suitable model and, eventually, personalize it with the accessories on page 19.

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Ram hoist kits Air operated twin column ram hoist with industrial pump. The underlying models include as a standard accessory the accommodation base pallet, essential for positioning easily and correctly the pallet where the drum rests. Additionally, various accessories are available, which increase the safety and functionality of the article, assembled singularly or simultaneously according to the code. Only the model “Full Optional” P/N 11/12751P1NH presents all the equipment listed on pages 10 and 11. Kits are suitable for drums from 180 ^ to 220 kg. ©Customizable for higher safety and functionality

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Ram hoist accessories from 180 to 220 kg P/N 11/104 System maximum pressure relief valve (pump output), which can be manually set (to integrate with P/N 11/140) Outlet pneumatic system pressure relief valve (to integrate with P/N 11/103) Hybrid electricpneumatic control: features a system discharge timer manually settable, which activates valve P/N 11/103 Pneumatic controls of the maximum and minimum drum’s levels Hoist base for pallet accommodation to facilitate drum’s substitution Visible air bleeder for fluid press hoist: eliminates air pockets inside the drum, leaving a clean environment

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