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Catalogue excerpts

for Raasm products ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS quality P/N 39484 Bring out the articles bring out the quality Let your customers touch the best Made in Italy manufactures Disclose RAASM’s elegance and design Customize the stand how and when you want Place and fix the stand easily and quickly

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BENCH MOUNTING The product’s stand P/N 39484 is designed to host a lot of RAASM articles. Universal holes on the bench and on the vertical panel allow an easy and safe mounting of the products, ensuring a great visibility. On bench you can mount: • ne or two grounding o hose reels (version 735000) • one or two hose reels of the S. 290, 330, 390 and 430 • ne diaphragm pump o S. 1120-AB • one diaphragm pump S. 1000-AB • one or two diaphragm pumps S. 120-PPAB • up to four piston pumps S. 500, 600 and 650 (with appropriate bung adaptors) On vertical panel you can mount: • up to three hose reels S....

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VERTICAL PANEL MOUNTING Grease gun supporting hook (included) Holes for bracket P/N 33590 for diaphragm pumps 1/2” S. 120-AB, S. 120-PPAB e S. 120-PPB Holes for bracket P/N 33591 for diaphragm pumps 1/2” e 1” S. 120-PPB e S. 1000-AB Holes for floor fixing Gun with digital liter counter supporting hook (includ

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Supplied with Stand with diaphragm pumps RAASM logo in aluminum serigraphy Grease gun supporting hook Gun with digital liter counter supporting hook Manual with mounting instructions Optional KR3948 Bolts and screws kit for the floor fixing and articles mounting Overall dimensions

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