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Catalogue excerpts


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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS at your service since 1975 RAASM works to offer the best through continuous improvement, in terms of performance, functionality and reliability of its products.

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Packaging contains, depending on the articles, one or more of the following materials; they must be recycled in accordance with current regulations in the country of use. cardboard • polyethylene sack • polystyrene paper • wood • nails • plastic strap cellophane • clips • gummed paper

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The FCS is an integrated system for managing and controlling the dispensing of fluids in maintenance facilities. Highly versatile and intuitive, it allows customised configurations in order to fully adapt to the customer’s needs. You can connect the FCS software with specific management software by contacting the RAASM technical office that will check the feasibility of the request. RAASM offers two versions to satisfy every specific need: Strength points • Automatic control of fluid inventories. • Display with simple and intuitive menu. • Summary ticket for each action. • Ability to connect to...

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Fluid Control System can manage: OPERATORS The FCS can be used by a maximum of 1000 authorized operators, who can access the system by entering a numerical password, or by using the “I-button” key (only in the Full Optional version). All the operations carried out are stored in the system’s memory. TANKS The FCS can manage up to a maximum of 999 tanks, associated with the type of fluid contained. The quantity of fluid inside each tank is constantly calculated by the system. Also, special reserve and delivery blocking alarms, prevent going below a minimum level fixed by the user. FLUIDS The FCS...

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FCS - Software • STANDARD VERSION The FCS software is easy to use. The system is simple to configure for accurately managing tanks, operators, dispensers, fluids and more. The FCS software also provides tools for analyzing your fluids consumption. • NETWORK VERSION Installed with the standard version, allows to create a PC Network connected with FCS

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Operator Control Unit: Menu The Operator Control Unit allows the administrator to access to a detailed menu where personalized configurations can be entered and the entire system managed. If the OCU is connected with a computer most of the operations shown above can be managed through the FCS software (see page aside). Every delivery can be summarized by a printed ticket (optional) which shows the most important information recorded by the system.

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FCS - BASIC If you need a simplified system, with all the FCS main characteristics but only with the basic control equipments, this is your favorite version. This system, easily intuitive and versatile, differs from the Full Optional version because it doesn’t have the “I-button”, the physical maximum level gauge for waste oil, the physical minimum level gauge for new fluids in each drum and the pneumatic solenoid valve in each pump. Instead, the connection with a main pneumatic solenoid valve for the air pumps feeding is ready. Operator control unit (OCU) Dispenser management unit (DMU) Pulser...

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The basic version of the OCU may be provided or not with printer for tickets, in order to the customer’s needs; also the DMU is available with a simplified version. This basic version is customizable to satisfy the possible working needs. You can add the components, that can be found from pages 14 - 15 of this catalogue. Drums and tanks which can be installed in the storage room, with minimum level gauges for new fluids.

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It is the full version of the Fluid Control System, with available all the control equipments and the system interaction tools. You can choose this package for its completeness and functionality in each working phase. ©Bl ©c I © Available only in the version ^1    Operator control unit (OCU) ^2    Dispenser management unit    (DMU) ^3    Pulser double valve (PDV) (alternatively use PSV) ^4    Pulser single valve (PSV) (optional) ^6    Kit personal computer with software and converter USB 7 Pneumatic solenoid main valve 8 Single solenoid valve installed on each pump Waste oil tank where a level...

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Specifically (compared to the basic version): A - The “I-button” device and the printer for tickets are available. B - The connectors for the fresh oil minimum level check are available. C - The connector for the waste oil maximum level check is available. D - The air feeding check for each pump is available. I10    Drums and tanks which can beinstalled in the storage room, with minimum level gauges for new fluids. CABLE

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FCS Components P/N 39599 OPERATOR CONTROL UNIT (OCU) The OCU is installed near the dispensing points and allows operators to communicate with the system by means of the special membrane keypad and large display. A printer for tickets is located under the keypad. 1 P/N 39598 OPERATOR CONTROL UNIT (OCU) Model as above but without printer for tickets. P/N 39591 OPERATOR CONTROL UNIT BASIC (OCU) OCU designed for the basic version without “I-button” but with printer for tickets. P/N 39590 OPERATOR CONTROL UNIT BASIC (OCU) OCU designed for the basic version both without “I-button” and printer for tickets....

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P/N 39620 PULSER SINGLE VALVE (PSV) FOR OIL 1/2” * 4 The Pulser in single valve version for oil, with 1/2” connections, as an alternative to the double valve version PDV. Working pressure 70 bar. P/N 39623 PULSER SINGLE VALVE (PSV) FOR OIL 3/4” * The Pulser single valve version for oil with 3/4” connections. Working pressure 70 bar. P/N 39621 PULSER SINGLE VALVE (PSV) FOR ANTIFREEZE 1/2” * The Pulser single valve version for antifreeze and window washing liquid with 1/2” connections. Working pressure 70 bar. P/N 39624 PULSER SINGLE VALVE (PSV) FOR DIESEL 3/4” * The Pulser single valve version...

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P/N 39650 Low level gauge h 860 mm, suitable for 180-220 kg drums, to be connected with FCS. P/N 39651 Low level gauge h 1300 mm, suitable for tanks, to be connected with FCS. P/N 39652 Low level gauge h 1500 mm, suitable for tanks, to be connected with FCS. 10 P/N 39655 High level gauge for waste oil, suitable to be connected with FCS. P/N 39657 Low level gauge h 860 mm, suitable for 180-220 kg drums, to be connected with FCS, with double contact. P/N 39658 Low level gauge h 1300 mm”, suitable for tanks, to be connected with FCS, with double contact. P/N 39659 Low level gauge h 1500 mm”, suitable...

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