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Diaphragm pumps - Only polypropylene versions - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS at your service since 1975 RAASM works to offer the best through continuous improvement, in terms of performance, functionality and reliability of its products.

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5 YEARS WARRANTY Made In Italy HELP THE NATURE Packaging contains, depending on the articles, one or more of the following materials; they must be recycled in accordance with current regulations in the country of use. cardboard • polyethylene sack • polystyrene paper • wood • nails • plastic strap cellophane • clips • g

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Strength points Why choose a diaphragm pump entirely made in polypropylene? The RAASM pneumatic double diaphragm pumps completely made of polypropylene are made to work in particularly aggressive work atmospheres, with a wide range of fluids, also corrosive, with high viscosity and solid parts in suspension. We summarize below why these pumps will make the difference in your working environment: • Suitable in corrosive environments • Can be used with water or corrosive solutions • Higher quality thanks also to the stainless steel screws • Built with anti-stalling and anti-icing devices to maintain...

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The air distribution valve ensures perfect operation in any operating conditions, some examples: - Minimum supply pressures (min. 2 bar) - Fluid and environment critical temperatures - Supply pressure fluctuations The pneumatic motor block of the pump does not require any type of lubrication because the moving parts are self-lubricating. Air distributor unit equipped with anti-stall reversing piston. This piston prevents the pump from stopping at a dead point, even in critical operating conditions. Pump body in polypropylene with integrated flanges and co-molded inserts to guarantee elevated tightening...

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POLYPROPYLENE Diaphragm pumps 1/2” F Diaphragm pumps R. 1:1 for fluids transfer, produced entirely in polypropylene, are recommended for applications with industrial fluids, also corrosive, and in working environments with aggressive atmospheres. ©High resistance medium flow rate Note: The max flow rate shown in the below graphics has been obtained by laboratory test. * With PTFE membrane flow rate is 10 % lower ** Displacement per cycle may be influenced by suction lift, fluid viscosity, air pressure, number of cycles per minute *** The materials in contact with the fluid, and the fluid as well,...

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1” - 145 l/min The family of diaphragm pumps of 1”, R. 1:1 for fluid transfer, produced entirely in polypropylene, maintain their performance on applications with industrial fluids, also aggressive, and in working environments with corrosive atmospheres, offering an unquestionable higher capacity. ©High resistance high flow rate Note: The max flow rate shown in the below graphics has been obtained by laboratory test. 1000-PPB dual inlet membranes * With PTFE membrane flow rate is 10 % lower ** Displacement per cycle may be influenced by suction lift, fluid viscosity, air pressure, number of cycles...

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HOW TO INSTALL THE PUMP PUMP INSTALLED ON DRUM SUBMERGED PUMP PUMP INSTALLED ON A MOBILE UNIT (it is necessary to check the chemical compatibility between pump material and liquid) BOTTOM FEED BULK TANK CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY For the specific use, refer to the chemical compatibility table and the specific characteristics required by the user. For any doubt or thorough check contact our technical department. Clay, titanium dioxide, filings All mineral and organic acids (contact the technical department to verify the compatibility with the percentage of acid used) Water-based solvents Methanol,...

 Open the catalogue to page 10 ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS EXAMPLES OF USE Diaphragm pumps entirely made of polypropylene are ideal to use in work environments with corrosive atmospheres. These are some examples of application: Car wash - pumping detergent liquids in car washes - transfer slip and glaze in the ceramics industry - distribution of adhesives, paints, cellulose pulp in the paper and printing industry - pumping of spent acids, dyes and wastewater in the textile and tanning industry - distribution and mixing of paints in the colors/ varnishes industry - pumping of corrosive and abrasive products...

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THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE RAASM Technology The starting point for the entire manufacturing cycle is the research and development of cutting-edge solutions for products fully made in Italy. Quality One of our most important target is to offer high level of quality. Rigorous tests follow every single phase of the manufacturing process. Efficiency RAASM offers the most complete range of fluid management solutions suitable for many sectors. Our success is founded upon our ability to identify and fulfill specific customers’ requirements. RAASM S.p.A. 36022 S. ZENO DI CASSOLA (VI) Via Marangoni, 33 -...

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