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Cable reels and earthing cable reels - 48 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

manage your energy orderly ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CABLE REEL Series 280 CABLE REEL Series 280-290 WITH LAMP LAMPS EARTHING CABLE REEL Series 280-350 ENCLOSED HOSE REEL Air-Water 20 bar 40 °C Series 280

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RAASM seeks to offer the best through continuous improvement, in terms of performance, functionality and reliability of its products.

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The real strength of a firm starts with the ability of its study and research departments to always find the most suitable solutions to address market demands. LIFE TESTS A sophisticated test room enables careful testing of the quality of new products before they are put on the market. ELECTRICAL TESTS A computerized system tests every single cable reel to guarantee the maximum quality, and the correct wiring.

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ASSEMBLY LINES Dedicated equipment specially designed to facilitate assembly operations, at the same time allowing an effective and automatic control of quality. Our vertical stores enable quick and careful preparation of the components and spare parts intended for assembly and sale. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE RAASM target is to give always a comprehensive answer to its customers questions and to satisfy each of their single need.

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safety and quality All the products shown in the present catalogue have been realized in accordance to the CE safety specifications. The CE directives regulating families of products are listed in the following pages together various with the technical data of the products.

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INDEX TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS ELECTRICAL CABLES Series 280 - Without transformer With fluorescent portable lamp 11W Series F230 - F12 - F24 Series 280 - Without transformer With portable LED lamp Series L1224 Series 290 - With 230 V transformer With portable LED lamp Series L1224 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Enclosed cable reel Series 280 Earthing Earthing cable reel Series 350 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS ENCLOSED HOSE REEL Series 280 CABLE REEL Series 280 Without Socket Without Socket Series 280 - 230 V SINGLE-PHASE With single socket and “shucko” - IP44 With triple socket...

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All RAASM cable reels rewind automatically and are equipped with a spring tested for tens of thousands of cycles which ensure a constant force. They are sturdy, compact, easy to position and removable. They allow managing with extreme ease and safety electrical cables of various sizes and cross sections ensuring a tidy and safe work environment. All models are equipped with: - Rewinding spring. - Cable stop rack work. - Protective shell in shockproof material. - Cable guide with rollers. - Fixing bracket. - System for the manual reset of electrical power (to prevent damage from eventual overloads)...

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SPRING Rewinding spring totally protected from the external environment. The spring is subjected to a durability test of 20000 cycles (each cycle corresponds to the complete unwinding and rewinding of the cable) thus simulating an average life of over 10 years. Possibility to intervene to adjust the spring force increasing or decreasing the preload. REWINDING CLUTCH Optional, devoid of complex and potentially wearing kinematic motions, allows the rewinding of the drum at a safe speed. STOPPING RACK It has an increased width and reinforcement ribs ensuring greater durability and sturdiness. It...

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The adjustable bracket of the cable reel may assume various positions: The position 1 is particularly suitable for “single” installation on the wall or ceiling. This position allows the rotation of the cable reel around the central axis supported by the bracket, allowing maximum flexibility to the operator in the use of the cable in all directions. blocking system The position 2 is suitable for installation of the cable reel “in series” (ceiling wall / floor or bench) because the rotation is blocked by the bracket that creates an interlocking with the guards of the cable reel. The position 3 is...

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ACCESSORIES REWINDING CLUTCH Cable reels Series 280 and Series 290 can be equipped with a brake acting while rewinding the cable. This accessory limits the maximum rotation speed making secure even accidental and uncontrolled rewinding. The version with the clutch, is distinguished from the “SPEED CONTROL” plate TO BE REQUESTED WITH THE ORDER PROTECTION CAP P/N 728115 The protection cap of the cable guide, made of flexible black rubber, prevents accidental entry of foreign bodies and ensures to the cable reeler the IP 45 protection degree. On request it can be mounted on the cable reel you want...

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The denomination “electrical cable” indicates a conductor uniformly insulated or a set of insulated conductors, each from the others and towards the outside, combined into a single complex complete with protection covering. THE CABLE IS MADE OF SEVERAL PARTS: ■ The metallic part for conducting the current consists of a single wire or several stranded wires and their conductor. ■ A layer of insulating material surrounds the conductor. ■ The set of the conductor and its isolation constitutes the cable core; each cable may have more cores. ■ The sheath has a protective function of the cable cores. The...

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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS RAASM has produced a wide range of industrial cable reels that can meet the most complex and demanding requests for use fields such as industry, agriculture, petrochemical, mining, aeronautics, shipbuilding, fire departments, automotive, construction, etc.

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Cable reel Series 280 ■+• 230 V SINGLE PHASEwithout socket Colour: ■ STANDARD B RAL 1004 Structure: Shockproof plastic material Stop: Automatic through rack Protection degree of electrical part: IP44 without protection cap IP45 with protection cap Attention: The system is downgraded depending on the IP valve of the connected components. Fixing bracket: Fixed / adjustable Usage environment temperature: -5°C / +40°C A The following codes are considered devoid of accessories: Rewinding clutch - Protection cap - Bayonet bracket. ★ The values are intended with cable completely unwound.

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