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R&R Fixtures Component - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

modular fixturing components for all of your CMM and vision fixturing needs VISION FIXTURES The R&R Solution. Everything to Hold Anything.TM YOUR SINGLE SOURCE FOR CMM & VISION FIXTURING

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Contents adjustables suction cups Always Innovating At R&R Fixtures, we are always striving to have the best available products — through innovation and reduced cost. We continue to engineer new and innovative components that make fixturing as simple as possible. Visit our web site for new product offerings. Everything to Hold Anything MODULAR R&R has a wide selection of fixturing components available to make fixturing quicker and easier than ever. No matter what size, shape or type of material you have, our CMM and vision components can help you quickly fixture anything — increasing the productivity...

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adjustable slide mirror adjustable slide adjustable slide adjustable jack stand adjustable jack stand adjustable pivot joint To allow variable heights of up to .5" [22mm] and then lock into position. For positioning a component at any angle. Lock the rotating base into position and then set the angle of the pivot.

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adjustable slide adjustable slide acrylic extension To place components in between holes on the plate. Screw any component onto the acrylic slide to extend the reach of the component. adjustable height stand To allow variable heights without marring the part. THREAD Included: sockethead cap and thumb screws HT adjustable micro V For cylindrical parts smaller than 6.5mm dia., you can hold them within the V, varying the adjustment length of the part. Parts can be held down with optional clamp, if needed. adjustable slide mirror To aid in viewing and inspecting a part. AVM-4 For holding cylindrical...

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tension clamp centers tension clamp screw pusher clamp tension clamp soft tip tension clamp For quick and easy clamping. Rubber coated tips hold parts without scratching or marring the surface of a part. *includes a plunger for reaching over the edge of a part to a more rigid surface or to reach over another support component. Part number on soft tip tension clamp is reference only. See chart for complete dimensions. Part number on tension clamp is reference only. See chart for complete dimensions.

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positional tension clamp tension clamp bracket allows locking the tension clamp rotational position to avoid probing interferences from one time to the next To hold a tension clamp on an angle. Part number on positional tension clamp is reference only. See chart for complete dimensions. screw pusher clamp For pushing and holding a part against stops using thumbscrew to place pressure on part. spring wire clamp For light clamping of small parts minimizing the contact area on a part and for least possible obstruction on vision machines. Included: sockethead cap, thumb screw and washers pusher clamp...

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mini vise For holding round parts at one end or in the middle, allowing the probe to measure or scan completely around the part without interference. The 3-jaw clamp can be mounted to a base plate in a vertical or horizontal position. The standard aluminum jaws allow parts to be clamped on outside or inside diameters ranging from .06"(1.5mm) to 2.63"(66mm). Optional Delrin jaws (CJ-3-DJ) available for non-marring clamping. For clamping a small area of a part. Vise can be rotated 360° and then locked into position. micro vise clamp Included: sockethead cap screws Ideal for holding parts horizontally...

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For holding cylindrical parts at each end on their inside diameters. These are ideal for vision machine applications to allow complete visibility of the part. PART # THREAD DIA HT WIDTH DEPTH Included: both male and female centering options; sockethead cap screws micro center Has adjustability to hold cylindrical parts up to 26mm in length and 25mm dia. (or smaller) using a female or male tapered pin. You can gain access around the part for touch probing with your CMM or viewing with your vision system. PART # THREAD HT WIDTH DEPTH ADJ spring pusher standoff clamp Designed for fixturing small...

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pin magnet For holding and locating steel or iron parts. V magnet For holding cylindrical parts and bent tubing. magnet For holding steel or iron parts. V magnet with base For holding round and shaft parts. BASE DIMENSIONS Included: sockethead cap screws, thumb screws and washers

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delrin cone delrin cone To rest a part on a rounded point for single-point contact. To rest a part on a rounded point for single-point contact. Delrin steel aluminum Delrin steel aluminum steel Delrin steel Delrin aluminum

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vertical base plate For holding components vertically. Great for use with vision systems. T-arm To support a part on its side. corner viewer For allowing a part to be located in a corner. The serrations allow backlighting along the sides of the part so that measurements can be taken on a vision machine. There are two standard sizes available, but any custom size can be made for your application. screws & adapters component replacement parts Included: sockethead cap screws AATK-20 tooling ball For referencing CMM coordinates to a program or part. THUMB SCREW

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To elevate and locate a part. * does not have a threaded top. M4 standoffs are made of aluminum. 1/4-20 and M8 standoffs are made of steel.

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Delrin® standoff To elevate and locate a part using a non-marring material. To elevate and locate a part against the pin. threaded spring post standoff The 1/4-20 or M8 female thread can be used to screw any component into the spring post. To elevate and locate a part against a pin using a non-marring material.

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standoff adapter For step clamps and calibration sphere. For locating within a hole or slot of a part for quick location or for setting to the datums. rotator standoff For pushing a part against fixture stops.

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suction cups For holding plastic, glass, styrofoam and nonferrous parts. For holding contour surfaces. PART # PART #

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suction cups vacuum hose For holding cylindrical tubes and shafts. CSH-MSC PART # 3/8" dia. hose to connect manifold to vacuum pump (sold per inch) 1⁄4" dia. hose to connect manifold to suction cups (sold per inch) suction cup tray For holding and organizing 1/4-20 or M8 suction cups. vacuum pump For suction cups with on/off valve, hose connector and quick disconnect. CSVP PART # vacuum pump assembly manifold 6- or 10-port manifold can be used vertically or horizontally on base plate. BASE DEPTH

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