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ENGINEERING ASSEMBLY AUTOMATION FEEDING TECHNOLOGY Feeding Technology The components are provided by the respective best supply technology. R+E produce the facilities in house and add their decades of know-how to the plant design. CANNULA BONDING MACHINES Cannula Feeding The cannulas are supplied to and inserted in the cannula holders with the proven R+E cannula separation. Dosage Glue R+E uses precision dosage technology to apply the glue, permitting many adjustment parameters. All common glues like UV-hardening or epoxy resin glues are used. CANNULA BONDING IN ROTARY CYCLE The qualification...

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Curing the Glue Curing is performed in once-through treatment with UV lamps, LED technology or in external once-through furnaces, depending on glue specification. Mark/Label All common methods, such as laser labelling, ink-jet printing or tampon printing, are used for marking or labelling. Orienting Cannulas Specifically for larger cannula diameters, turning out the cannula tip is necessary.

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QUALITY AND COMPETENCE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Visual Inspections To ensure compliance with the customer requirements, R+E developed camera inspection to examine the cannula tip at a throughput speed of 600 mm/sec. The cannula tip can be examined for contaminations, sharpness or damage. Inspection of the glue point for shape and air inclusions is performed with the same method. Tensile Test The glue point hardness is inspected for tension or pressure according to the DIN values. The tension forces can be selected freely via weights. Flow Rate Test Contamination or damage inside the cannulas are detected...

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• R+E assembly machines for medical and pharmaceutical industries • R+E assembly machines for electrical and electronic industries • R+E assembly machines for automotive and motorcycle industries • R+E bowl feeders • R+E linear conveyor drive motors • R+E high-performance bowl feeder •    R+E step elevators •    R+E feed elevators • R+E screw torquing machines • R+E machines, workstations and racks/ systems made of aluminium profile systems

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