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Catalogue excerpts TOTAL CATALOGUE 2018 Innovation in

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Warning/ Signal/ Stackable Lights We produce a diverse portfolio of xenon and LED warning/ signal/ stackable light products that vary in size from 50mm to 180mm in diameter. The xenon and LED filaments are used to improve the lifetime and brightness of the products. Signal Lights & Electric Horns/ Speakers Excellent products that provide visual signals and audible sound. These products recently added an SDcard slot which allows users to input their own sound suitable for their application condition. Heavy-Duty Warning Lights/ Horns 147 Products for vessels, heavy-duty, and heavy equipment require...

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Contents Aviation Obstruction Lights Aviation obstruction lights are placed in high locations that can be costly for repair and inspection. Qlight's products use LED lights which provide long lasting durability and are virtually maintenance free. Qlight's products can meet the mid, low brightness and Signal Tower Lights Signal tower lights can be used for a wide variety of industries and environments that require the transmission of visual and audible signals. Qlight tower lights are available in a number of shapes and also offer options for built-in sounds and melodies. USB, ETN Signal Tower...

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Company Introduction Qlight Gives You a Brighter Future! Qlight has been a world-leading provider of visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions for the last three decades. We pride ourselves in developing products which help our customer's improve productivity, safety, and quality control in the industrial automation and commercial industries. Our strong dedication to innovative products, quality assurance, well-established supply chain, customizable manufacturing and strong customer relationships have helped us earn the top market share in Korea and China. These core values have...

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Qlight uses novel management and production management systems in order to produce high quality products. By adopting technology standards and quality assurance systems, Qlight has achieved quality gentrification and standardization with a wide range of products in order to meet our customer's sophisticated needs. Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) System ERP ■ Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system maximizes our management's efficiency The comprehensive enterprise resource planning system allows Qlight to quickly understand, communicate, and manage current business conditions in an efficient...

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Qlight has been striving to accomplish our mission to provide visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions to enhance our customer’s work safety and efficiency for the last three decades. 1986-1992 »> Business foundation Growing as a signal    A great leap forward & New engines for growth The 2nd growth and and consolidation    transmission device    business reconstruction    globalization ISO 14001 : 2015 certificate aquired Obtained ICAO certification for SAOL1 Obtained the patent for "multi-functional modular signal tower light" (Patent # : 10-1676863) Obtained the patent for...

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R&D Center Qlight's R&D laboratory continually strives to enhance our technology in the areas of product miniaturization, unmanned operation, and strengthened durability in order to develop products that can satisfy our customer's sophisticated needs. Considering our customer's diverse operational conditions, we constantly pursue the best product quality by testing and measuring our products under the most extreme conditions. We achieve our high quality through standardized processes acknowledged by world-leading certificate organizations such as UL, CE, ATEX, IECEx and etc. Research Achievements...

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• 070mm xenon strobe warning light • Superior visibility with distinctive direct light distribution system • Medium screw base(E26) • Protection rating : IP65 • 070mm xenon strobe warning light • Superior visibility with distinctive direct light distribution system • Cable entry: PF 1/2" (male) • Protection rating : IP65 • 080mm LED strobe signal light • Excellent durability to shock, vibration and moisture • Protection rating : IP65 S- 080mm LED strobe warning light • Superior visibility with direct light distribution system • Protection rating : IP66 P68 SKTL/ SKTLB/ SKTLM/ SKTLBM    P86-87...

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LED strobe signal light and electric horn combinations Qlight's innovative patent holding light emitting horn enclosure A variety of built-in sounds binary input and SDcard sound input supported Sound volume : Max 115dB at 1m (QWCD35) Sound volume : Max 123dB at 1m (QWCD50) Protection rating : IP66 LED tower light and electric horn combination Pre-recorded sounds and SDcard sound input supported Sound volume : Max 105dB at 1m Protection rating : IP54 • Warning light and electric horn combinations • Pre-recorded sounds and SDcard sound input supported • Sound volume : Max 105dB at 1m • Protection...

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• Warning light bar for emergency vehicle • Slim design • Vivid & powerful signal sign • Sound volume : Max 123dB at 1m • Protection rating : IP56 Amplifier for QLV warning light bars Simple linkage between sound signal and warning lights Clear and stable sound signal Equipped with a microphone for emergency voice notifications SM-100ND ■Sounderfor QLV warning light bars ■100W high volume horn with clear warning sounds ■Mounting bracketfor applications in various environments Low intensity LED aviation obstruction light Excellent durability from the polycarbonate housing structure Light color:...

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flight Signal Tower Lights QWT P263~264 QTA56L • Wall mount LED signal tower light with built-in buzzer • Superior side visibility with roundshaped lens • Sound volume : Max 85dB at 1m • Protection rating : IP54 LED Steady Tower Lights hexagon shaped metal housing Folding type mount bracket Volume : Max 85dB at 1m Protection rating : IP44(standard type), IP23(buzzer type) • Multi-color led steady tower lights • 7 color modes configuration • Hexagon shaped metal housing • Sound volume : Max90dB at 1m • Protection rating : IP44 (standard type), IP23 (buzzer type) • Layer re-arrangable LED steady/...

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