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Simple Catalogue
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Catalogue excerpts

I SIMPLE CATALOGUE I LT201701 This leaflet is a light edition which summarizes the contents depending on the light source and operational type based on our total catalogue. The total catalogue will be provided upon request from the nearest distributer or sales division in head office. SIMPLE CATALOGUE 2017 Innovation in ALARM & SIGNAL

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Warning/ Signal/ Stackable Lights We produce a diverse portfolio of xenon and LED warning/ signal/ stackable light products that vary in size from 50mm to 180mm in diameter. The xenon and LED filaments are used to improve the lifetime and brightness of the products. Signal Lights & Electric Horns/ Speakers 14 Excellent products that provide visual signals and audible sound. These products recently added an SDcard slot which allows users to input their own sound suitable for their application condition. Heavy-Duty Warning Lights / Horns 16 Products for vessels, heavy-duty, and heavy equipment require...

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Warning Light Bars Warning light bars require various shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle and purpose. Qlight's products can meet varying requirements due to the modular design of the light bar. Aviation Obstruction Lights Aviation obstruction lights are placed in high locations that can be costly for repair and inspection. Qlight's products use LED lights which provide long lasting durability and are virtually maintenance free. Qlight's products can meet the mid, low brightness and flame proof standards. Signal Tower Lights Signal tower lights can be used for a wide variety of industries...

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Company Introduction Qlight Gives You a Brighter Future! As equipment and industrial processes become more automated and diversified, the demand for a diverse portfolio of products and focused expertise in the field of signaling devices has grown dramatically. Since its founding in 1986, Qlight has developed into a dominant force in the industry and is recognized as the leading specialist in signaling devices. We have built a flexible production system capable of building a variety of products to fit the expansive application needs of our growing customer base. With the introduction of LED light...

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Company HistoryQlight has been striving to accomplish our mission to provide visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions to enhance our customer's work safety and efficiency for the last three decades. 1986~1992 »> Business foundation    Growing as a signal    A great leap forward & New engines for growth The 2nd growth and and consolidation    transmission device    business reconstruction    globalization QMFL300-Ex LED Work Light Acquired KGC Safety Certificate Acquired ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) certificate for low intensity LED aviation obstruction lights...

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Application Areas Qlight’s products are used in a wide range of industries. With our various product families, we offer a wide selection of products appropriate for every facility and working condition. Shipbuilding Industry Explosion proof products have the durability, enclosed structure, and corrosion resistance features to protect it from dangerous situations in ships or manufacturing plant environments. Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Semiconductor manufacturing equipment has a high automation utilization rate and for that reason its operating condition is monitored by signaling devices....

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Application Areas Steel Industry Steel mills have high-risk of an accidents due to its 24-hour a day operation in high-temperature environments. Various warning lights and alarms are installed to ensure safety, mostly heavy-duty products that have high resistance to vibration and shock are used in this application area. Unmanned Automation Equipment Various audio-visual signaling devices are used in locations where unmanned automated machines are in operation. They are used to notify the current status of the manufacturing process/ equipment. With our products, operators can quickly respond to...

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Application Areas Industrial Vehicles, Construction Machinery Industrial vehicles such as forklifts, excavators, and wheel loaders use warning lights to warn people from getting close to the vehicles. Industrial vehicles and construction machinery are exposed to harsh environments such as heavy vibration/shock. Therefore, these products require high durability and superior weather resistance. Obstruction Lights It is mandatory to install obstruction lights on structures likely to interfere with the flight path and safety of an aircraft. Since these product specifications are defined by each government's...

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Specification List for Revolving Warning/ Signal Lights LED Steady/ Flashing Signal Lights i$ 8 in Model number    Q60L    Q60LW    Q60LP    Q80L    Q80LW    Q80LP Model number

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Bulb Revolving Warning Lights

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Specification List for Revolving Warning/ Signal LightsBulb Revolving Warning Lights Model number LED Steady/ Flashing Signal Lights t rT

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Model number    SKTL SKTLB SKTLM SKTLBM S150UL S150UL-FT S150RL S150RL-FT Voltage

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Multiple Color LED Signal Lights Model number Diameter Height Depth Material Mount bracket Protection rating Certificates Customization Transistor IP44 CE Wall mount Color combination except for standard NPN type IP44 CE Wall mount Color combination except for standard NPN type IP44 CE Wall mount Color combination except for standard NPN type IP65 CE Wall mount NPN/ PNP type IP65 CE Wall mount NPN/ PNP type IP65 CE Wall mount NPN/ PNP type LED Strobe Signal Lights    Xenon Lamp Strobe Signal Lights Diameter Height Depth Material Mount bracket Lens-PC Housmg-ABS+GF Self stand Protection rating...

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Model number Voltage Diameter Dimension (mm) Height Depth Material Bulb Steady/Flashing Bulb Revolving Lamp    LED Revolving &    LED Steady/Flashing    • Operation    LED Strobe LED Simulated revolving Xenon lamp strobe    • High Buzzer    Max. 100dB at 1m 5 Signal sounds Voice Sound & Volume 30 signal sounds 31 signal sounds MP3 Mount type IP Wall mount CE 2 tones buzzer, Color combinations except for standard NPN Type Model number

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