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Industrial LED Lights
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Catalog excerpts

QLIGHTEC CATALOGUE 2018.02 Industrial LED Lights

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Company Introduction Qlight Gives You a Brighter Future! Qlight has been a world-leading provider of visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions for the last three decades. We pride ourselves in developing products which help our customer's improve productivity, safety, and quality control in the industrial automation and commercial industries. Our strong dedication to innovative products, quality assurance, well-established supply chain, customizable manufacturing and strong customer relationships have helped us earn the top market share in Korea and China. These core values have...

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Company HistoryQlight has been striving to accomplish our mission to provide visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions to enhance our customer’s work safety and efficiency for the last three decades. 1986-1992 Business foundation Growingasasignal    Agreatleapforward& Newenginesforgrowth    The2nd growth and and consolidation    transmission device    business reconstruction    globalization ISO 14001 : 2015 certificate aquired Obtained ICAO certification for SAOL1 Obtained the patent for "multi-functional modular signal tower light" (Patent#: 10-1676863) Obtained the patentfor"EmergencyVehide...

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flight CIE 1931 Color Space Chart Selected daylight blue color for industrial-purpose LED Colors are represented by the CIE 1931 RGB colorspace and CIE 1931 XYZ color space created by the International Commission on Illustration (CIE in 1931). Color Space Chart is based on the brightness of the color. Green occupies the largest space since it has the largest effect on determining the brightness of colors, while blue color that shows the least effect occupies the smallest area. The mixing ratio of the brightness of the color is 3: 6: 1 (R: G: B), where the green portion occupies the largest space. White...

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Technical Information on LED Work LightsUnderstanding of Light Terms Term Definitions and Stated Unit Illuminance    unit:iux Illuminance is the total Luminous flux incident on a surface per unit area which is conventionally stated as a unit of lux. Specifically, 1 lux equals the amount of light that falls on a one-square-meter surface that is one meter away from a single candle with light speed of 1lm. Luminous intensity is a measure of the wavelength-weighted power emitted by a light source in a particular direction per unit solid angle based on the luminosity function(a standardized model of...

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Qliqht Model number(series)    QML-150    QML-250    QMHL-150    QMHL-250 Model number(series) Model number(series) Voltage Power consumption Length Width Height Material Lens color Light color Efficacy (Im/W) Mounting structure Protection rating Certificates Customization Page Lens : PC, Side cover: ABS Transparent Lens : PC, Side cover: ABS Translucent Lens : PC, Side cover: ABS Transparent

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Qliqht Model number(series) Voltage Power consumption Length Width Height Materials Lens color Light color Efficacy (Im/W) Mounting structure Protection rating Certificates Customization Page DC24V 5.5-28W 257-1,557 33 26 Lens : PC, Side cover: PC Transparent Cooldaylight, Warm white, Red, Amber 100-600Lux Mount bracket DC24V, AC110V, AC220V 4-12W 200-500 38.4 33.6 Lens : PC, Side cover: ABS Translucent Cooldaylight 70-300Lux Mount bracket Non waterproof CE DC24V, AC110V, AC220V 4-12W 200-500 38.4 33.6 Lens : PC, Side cover: ABS Transparent Cooldaylight 85-370Lux Mount bracket Non waterproof CE Model...

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Industrial LED Lights Specification List Model number Voltage Power consumption Length Width Height Material Lens color Light color Efficacy (Im/W) Mounting structure Protection rating Certificates Page AC220V 40W 340 - 1280 340 - 640 30 Housing: PC, Heat sink: Al Translucent Cooldaylight 375 -500Lux Direct mount Non waterproof KS, High efficiency materials P30-31 Housing: PC, Heat sink: Al Translucent Cooldaylight 570Lux Non waterproof KS, High efficiency materials P32-33 AC220V 18-30W 1198 69 55 Housing: PC, Heat sink: Al Translucent Cooldaylight 730 - 1235Lux Bracket Non waterproof KS, High...

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Industrial LED Lights Specification ListHigh Bay LED Lights Model number

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Water, Vibration and Oil Resistant LED Work Lights with IP67/ IP69K Protection Qliqht • Excellent oil resistance with a special sealing structure with IP67 protection rating, suitable for machine tool applications with cutting fluids • Suitable for high pressure and high temperature water cleaning environments(IP69K) • Tempered glass prevents damage from machine tool chips • Foreign substances do not accumulate on the shielding glass surface of the working light due to its flush structure to the housing structure of the product • Can select between QML model (Anti-glare type) and QMHL model (High...

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Water, Vibration and Oil Resistant LED Work Lights with IP67/ IP69K Protection QMHL-150/ QMHL-250 • Equipped anti-glare filter • Suitable for environments that require stable intensity illumination for improved visibility 1 High intensity illumination and condensor lens combination 1 High intensity illumination allows for the environment both long distance and straightness are required QML-150-D    QML-250-D Optics Specifications

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Water, Vibration and Oil Resistant LED Work Lights with IP67/ IP69K Protection Light Distribution and Illuminance - SIDE VIEW SIDE VIEW Power line standard

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Water, Vibration and Oil Resistant: MM::::::: LED Work Lights with IP67/ IP69K Protection A Please check the safety manual before use, accidents such as fire or electric shock can occur if the safety manual is not followed. This product can be changed without any notification. Latest information is on the | 13 QML 150 24 [Model number] l • QML : Anti-Glare • QMHL : High illumination [Mount bracket] l ■ D : Self stand ■ K : Vertical angle adjustment ■ MF : Vertical, horizontality angle adjustment Power line standard : Dura & Flex-F VU (0.5sq) x 2C 550mm

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