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Qioptiq in Industrial Manufacturing sector overview brochure - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Industrial Manufacturing

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Company Profile Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products precision manufacturing and responsive global and solutions, serving a wide range of markets and sourcing. Due to a series of acquisitions, Qioptiq applications in the medical and life sciences, industrial has an impressive history and pedigree, benefiting manufacturing, defense and aerospace, and research from the knowledge and experience of LINOS, Point Source, Rodenstock Precision Optics, Spindler & Hoyer, Gsänger, Optem, Pilkington, Avimo and The company is known for its high-quality standard others. With a total workforce...

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Other Industrial Applications 20 - 21 LINOS founded Steeg & Reuter Gsanger Optoelektronik AVIMO Group THALES sells High Tech Optics Group Qioptiq acquires LINOS and Point Source Qioptiq group" group members

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Core Competencies Qioptiq offers the most comprehensive set of technologies and knowledge to fulfill the demands of almost any modern application in the field of photonics. Our decades of interdisciplinary experience in many markets enable us to provide a portfolio of design, technologies and manufacturing capabilities suitable for your specific application. We can supply a • Optical system design solution that will boost your competitive edge and • Mechanical design support your efforts to optimize your products. Our • FEM-analysis including thermal and components, modules and systems have superior magnetic...

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Assembly Technologies & System Integration Cleanroom Facilities • Development of in-house processes for cleanroom facilities precise assembly of optical elements • Bonding, optical contacting and gluing • Certified class 10,000 and class • Fit mounting and self-centering techniques • Double wall clean room packaging • Active positioning and gluing • Cleaning procedures for components • Diamond adjustment turning • Active adjustment during online quality measurement • Built to Print assembly • Seven locations worldwide with

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Core Competencies Manufacturing Capabilities • Coating design and process • 11 production sites in US, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia • From conventional deposition up • State-of-the-art machinery for optics including MRF and fluid jet polishing • In-situ monitoring of deposition process • CNC, diamond turning, aspheres, freeform and micro-optic capabilities • Broad and narrow band coatings • Mechanics production including • Polarizing and non-polarizing beam precision anodizing • Precision injection molding of polymer optics • High laser induced damage thresholds • Flexible production from...

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Quality Control and Metrology • Automated equipment for optical • All types of glasses (Schott, Ohara, parameter measurements Desag, Pilkington and others) • Surface metrology • Crystalline optics such as fused silica, • MTF testing at various wavelengths • Broadband spectrometers down to • Metal optics (aluminum, brass, copper, steel) • White light interferometry • Scattered light measurement • A variety of polymer materials • Dedicated application and customer specific test equipment

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contact www.qioptiq.com/machine-vision photonics@qioptiq.com Machine Vision The number of machine vision applications is application, ranging from short-run unique object growing, and they are also increasingly diverse. Today manufacturing to large scale industrial production. they include traffic and speed surveillance, packaging We specialize in technology to meet your exacting control of pharmaceuticals, inspection and process requirements, whether using one of our standard control (e.g. quality control, failure analysis), visual products or with a fully customized solution. inventory management...

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Qioptiq can help you! Our solutions for Machine Vision are: • High resolution lenses • Large format lenses • Micro-inspection lenses • Line scan lenses • C-Mount and F-Mount lenses • High-performance zoom optics • Telecentric optics Your demands: • Megapixel lenses • High imaging quality • Reflective objectives • Robustness and reliability for rough • Long working distance objectives • Electro-optic integration industrial environments • System integration capabilities • Compact optical packaging • Compact optical modules • Specialized illumination • Camera integration and sensor • Precision alignment...

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contact www.qioptiq.com/laser-industry photonics@qioptiq.com LINOS F-Theta lens for laser material processing applications Laser Industry When lasers were invented in 1960, they were development, prototyping and volume production. described as “a solution looking for a problem“. This makes Qioptiq the ideal partner for your OEM Since then, they have become universal, finding lasers and fiber coupler needs. uses in thousands of highly varied applications in every section of modern life or industry, Qioptiq´s product portfolio for the laser industry includes components, subassemblies and devices technology,...

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The iFLEX-VIPERTM Laser Engine produced and manufactured by Qioptiq Flexible Laser Technology™ Your demands: Based on the expert knowledge of Point Source, which • High reliability and superior beam quality was acquired by Qioptiq in 2008, we design and • Broad wavelength range from UV to NIR • Sophisticated OEM solutions manufacture diode and solid state lasers coupled to • Compact design fibers to meet your high specifications. Our lasers are • High power optics used in the most demanding metrology and lithography applications, developed with the highest reliability, stability, beam quality...

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contact www.qioptiq.com/semiconductors photonics@qioptiq.com Semiconductors & Microelectronics LINOS High NA 266 nm micro-inspection lens, designed and manufactured by Qioptiq Semiconductors and microelectronics are widely With a rich history and more than 25 years of recognized as drivers for economic growth in their experience in designing and producing optics role as technology enablers for the whole electronics value chain. As a result, this industry has the highest equipment, Qioptiq’s teams of experts can deliver demands on flexibility, accuracy, innovation and the wavelength, resolution...

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