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Optem Zoom 70XL lens system - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Optem® Zoom 70XL 7:1 Micro-Inspection Zoom Lens System The Optem Zoom 70XL is specifically designed to stand up to the grueling conditions of automated imaging. The “XL” stands for Xtended Life backed by superior engineering and only the highest-quality components and materials. Magnification Range Numerical Aperture (1X TV Tube with no Aux. Lens) Working Distance The Zoom 70XL Lens System features robust optomechanics to deliver defect-free performance out to 250,000 zoom cycles... guaranteed! The Zoom 70XL features a three-piece modular design in most configurations for maximum flexibility. Magnification Range Numerical Aperture With a wide variety of function options and magnification accessories, Zoom 70XL can be configured to cover a wide range of micro-imaging applications. Working Distance Resolution Depth-of-Field Magnification Range Numerical Aperture Working Distance

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Specifying Your Optem Lens System To specify your Optem Lens System identify the parameters of your application and select the modular components which deliver the optimum imaging solution. STEP 1. Determine the Field-of-View (FOV) you STEP 3. Select the Upper Zoom Module: The upper require by choosing your intended camera format (1/3”, 1/2”, 2/3” etc.), and using the dimensions of that camera format to calculate the optical magnification required (see camera dimensions below): module has the following options available: iris, detents and motorization (see System Diagram p. 1011). STEP 2. The...

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Zoom and Function Modules Upper Zoom Modules Lower Function Modules The specific Upper Zoom Module selected will determine the type of zoom operation for your Zoom 70XL System. When configuring your Zoom 70XL Lens System, choose from the following Lower Modules to specify the lighting and focus functions of your systems: • Basic Module Manual Zoom Module – Provides basic hand-driven 7:1 zoom function. • Internal Focus Module (motor avail.) • Coaxial Illumination Module • Internal Focus Coaxial Module (motor avail.) Iris Diaphragm Module – Provides manual 7:1 zoom with manual iris illumination...

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Illumination Options Illumination Options The Zoom 70XL Lens System offers a variety of illumination options to meet a variety of imaging requirements. 04 You have two basic illumination options which can be integrated with your Zoom 70XL System... coaxial illumination or oblique ring light illumination. Coaxial Illumination Options Coaxial (or vertical) illumination is most useful on highly reflective objects. Optem’s Coaxial Illuminators project cool, white light perpendicularly onto the specimen for exceptional contrast and field uniformity. Select from one of several coaxial-equipped Lower...

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Motorization & Configuration Accessories Configuration Accessories In addition to modifying the physical configuration and orientation of your imaging path utilizing Right-Angle and U-bend TV Tubes (see System Diagram p. 10-11), you can extend the versatility of your Zoom 70XL Lens System with two new innovations in form and function. Motorizing Lens System Optem Lens Systems can be specified with motorized zoom and/or focus functions. STEPPER MOTOR – The stepper motors provide accurate repeatability of zoom magnification and/ or focus using a Hall-effect sensor to set repeatable home position....

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Base Configuration Oblique/Substage Illumination -- FOV Limited by vignetting at low mags. Approximate maximum illuminated FOV given as diameter above. Optical Performance -

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Base Configuration Working Distance Variable Working Distance Lower Module Optical Performance -- Not recommended due to significant illumination losses throughout entire zoom range. Coaxial Illumination -- FOV Limited by illumination at low mags. Approximate maximum illuminated FOV given as diameter above. NOTE: 0.18X, 0.25X and 0.5X Aux Lenses are not recommended for use with coaxial illumination Optical Performance -

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Long-Working Distance Objectives Achieve significantly higher magnifications and increased resolution. Combine your Zoom 70XL with the expanded line of Optem LWD Infinity-Corrected Objectives. 08 When integrating objectives onto your Zoom 70XL Lens System, You will need to specify one of four Objective Lower Function Modules (see System Diagram p. 10-11).

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-- Not recommended due to significant illumination losses throughout entire zoom range. * Zoom 70XL does not pass full NA of Optem 5X and 10X HR Objectives Objectives with coaxial Illumination -- FOV Limited by illumination at low mags. Approximate maximum illuminated FOV given as diameter above. NOTE: 0.375X TV Tube is not recommended for use with Optem Objectives Optical Performance -

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Zoom 70XL Lens System Diagram Tube Clamp Mounts Right-Angle TV Tubes 29-50-10-000 UNIVERSAL CLAMP (top view) 30-25-76-000 76mm O.D. TUBE CLAMP (OLYMPUS, NIKON, LEICA) 30-25-82-000 82mm O.D. TUBE CLAMP (UNITRON) 39-15-34-000 FLAT MOUNT (for Motorized versions) NOTE: Right-Angle TV Tubes yield a reversed image 30-25-83-000 83mm O.D. TUBE CLAMP (GENERIC) 30-25-84-000 84mm O.D. TUBE CLAMP (MEIJI) Upper Zoom Modules 29-60-83-000 VSI 110 ILLUMINATOR 110 VOLT / 150 WATT LOW PROFILE, R.A. COAXIAL LAMPHOUSE (Replaces standard bottom module lamphouse) SINGLE-CHANNEL PROGRAMMABLE LED CONTROLLER STANDARD...

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29-90-73-000 1.5X 29-90-72-000 TV TUBE 1.0X 29-90-71-000 TV TUBE 0.67X TV TUBE Non-Inverting Right-Angle TV Tubes 70XL UPPER STEPPING MOTOR HALL EFFECT SENSOR 11 Motorization Control & Power Supply 30-17-70-000 STEPPING MOTOR DRIVER LONG WORKING RIGHT-ANGLE MODULE 30-17-74-000 HALL EFFECT SENSOR JUNCTION BOX Can also integrate FMOS Upper Fixed Tubes. Refer to Optem FMOS Brochure NOTE: Long-Working Right-Angle Module yields a reversed image STEPPER MOTOR 30-17-75-000 STEPPING MOTOR O.E.M. BOARD DUAL MAGNIFICATION MODULE FMOS / ZOOM 70 LOWER MODULE COUPLER COAX ILLUM. OBJ. DUAL FOCUS COAX ILLUM....

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Your Key to Photonic Innovation... Qioptiq serves a wide variety of applications across the industrial manufacturing sector. With a rich history of delivering innovative photonic components, modules and instruments to integrators, engineers and OEMs, we also offer custom-tailored photonic solutions to maximize the potential and capabilities of tomorrow’s many processes and industrial manufacturing systems. Copyright ©2013 Qioptiq, Inc. All rights reserved. 399510-309-450, ed 8.0-e • Printed in the USA Due to our on-going commitment to excellence in serving our customers, all specifications herein...

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