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Optem Zoom 125C lens system - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Optem® Zoom 125C 12.5:1 Micro-Inspection Zoom Lens System The Optem Zoom 125C Lens System is designed to deliver extended zoom imaging performance. With a broad 12.5:1 zoom range and the signature threepiece modular design, the Optem Zoom 125C Lens System can be configured to meet an extensive range of manual and automated zoom imaging parameters. Magnification Range Numerical Aperture (1X TV Tube with no Aux. Lens) Resolution Depth-of-Field With the widest selection of modules and accessories in the Optem Lens line, Zoom 125C delivers exceptional flexibility offering options including independent motorized Focus Modules, polarized illumination, and the expanded flexibility to be configured for micro imaging up to 125X, or macro imaging for broad fields-of-view across infinite working distances. Working Distance Min. Configuration (0.375X TV Tube + 0.18X Aux. Lens) Magnification Range Numerical Aperture Working Distance Magnification Range Numerical Aperture Working Distance

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Specifying Your Optem Lens System To specify your Optem Lens System identify the parameters of your application and select the modular components which deliver the optimum imaging solution. STEP 1. Determine the Field-of-View (FOV) you STEP 3. Select the Upper Zoom Module: The upper require by choosing your intended camera format (1/3”, 1/2”, 2/3” etc.), and using the dimensions of that camera format to calculate the optical magnification required (see camera dimensions below): module has the following options available: iris, detents and motorization (see System Diagram p. 10-11). STEP 2. The...

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Zoom and Function Modules Upper Zoom Modules The specific Upper Zoom Module selected will determine the type of zoom operation for your Zoom 125C System. Manual Zoom Module – Provides basic hand-driven 12.5:1 optical system. Lower Function Modules When configuring your Zoom 125C Lens System, choose from the following Lower Modules to specify the lighting and focus functions of your systems: • Basic Module • Internal Focus Module (motor avail.) • Coaxial Illumination Module Iris Diaphragm Module – All Zoom 125C Upper Modules are available with an optional integral iris for better control of light...

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Illumination Options Illumination Options The Zoom 125C Lens System offers a variety of illumination options to meet a variety of imaging requirements. LED Coaxial Illuminators – Programmable 1-Watt LED Coaxial Illuminators offer reduced power requirements and heat generation with substantial service-life gains. Coaxial (or vertical) illumination is most useful on highly reflective objects. Optem’s Coaxial Illuminators project cool, white light perpendicularly onto the specimen for exceptional contrast and field uniformity. LED Coaxial illuminators are available in straight and right-angle configurations...

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Motorization and Macro Imaging Infinity Macro Lens When extended working distances and broader fields-of-view are required, integrate the Infinity Macro Lens accessory below a manual or motorized Fine-Focus Lower function Module. Motorizing Optem Lens Systems Optem Lens Systems can be specified with motorized zoom and/or focus functions. STEPPER MOTORS – The stepper motors provide accurate repeatability of zoom magnification and/ or focus using a Hall-effect sensor to set repeatable home position. A desktop rocker-switch controller offers manual control and features an RS-232 port for automated...

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Base Configuration Oblique/Substage Illumination -- FOV Limited by vignetting at low mags. Approximate maximum illuminated FOV given as diameter above. Optical Performance -

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Base Configuration -- Not recommended due to significant illumination losses throughout entire zoom range. Beyond 500 mm, the lens can be thought of as a video lens w/focal lengths and f# as follows: Working Distance Infinity Macro Lens Accessory Optical Performance Coaxial Illumination -- FOV Limited by illumination at low mags. Approximate maximum illuminated FOV given as diameter above. NOTE: 0.18X, 0.25X and 0.5X Aux Lenses are not recommended for use with coaxial illumination Optical Performance -

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Long-Working Distance Objectives Achieve significantly higher magnifications and increased resolution. Combine your Zoom 125C with the expanded line of Optem LWD InfinityCorrected Objectives. 08 When integrating objectives onto your Zoom 125C Lens System, You will need to specify one of four Objective Lower Function Modules (see System Diagram p. 10-11).

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-- Not recommended due to significant illumination losses throughout entire zoom range. Objectives with Coaxial Illumination -- FOV Limited by illumination at low mags. Approximate maximum illuminated FOV given as diameter above. NOTE: 0.375X TV Tube is not recommended for use with Optem Objectives Optical Performance -

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Zoom 125C Lens System Diagram Flange Mounts Tube Clamp Mounts (OLYMPUS, NIKON, LEICA) 30-15-00-000 FLAT FLANGE MOUNT (for Manual versions) (OLYMPUS, NIKON, LEICA) NOTE: Right-Angle TV Tubes yield a reversed image 30-65-34-000 FLAT MOUNT (for Motorized versions) 29-50-10-000 UNIVERSAL CLAMP (top view) Upper Zoom Modules 30-13-10-000 15mm FINE FOCUS MANUAL 30-13-20-000 15mm FINE FOCUS DC MOTOR 30-61-41-000 MANUAL DETENT w/IRIS 30-16-02-000 FIBER OPTIC LAMPHOUSE 29-69-13-000 RIGHT ANGLE COAX ADAPTER 396010-810 SINGLE-CHANNEL PROGRAMMABLE LED CONTROLLER 30-13-37-000 15mm FINE FOCUS STEPPING MOTOR...

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Standard TV Tubes Non-Inverting Right-Angle TV Tubes 30-61-37-000 STEPPING MOTOR HALL-EFFECT SENSOR 30-61-38-000 STEPPING MOTOR HALL EFFECT SENSOR w/IRIS Motorization Control & Power Supply 30-17-70-000 STEPPING MOTOR DRIVER 30-17-74-000 HALL EFFECT SENSOR JUNCTION BOX 30-14-10-000 COAX ILLUM. 5mm FOCUS 30-14-13-000 COAX W/ANALYZER 5mm FOCUS 30-14-20-000 COAX ILLUM. DC MOTORIZED FOCUS 30-14-23-000 COAX W/ANALYZER DC MOTORIZED FOCUS 30-14-37-000 COAX ILLUM. STEPPER MOTOR FOCUS HALL-EFFECT SENSOR 30-17-31-000 UNIV. TRANSFORMER (100-240V, 50-60Hz) 30-17-37-000 (N. AMER CORD) Lower Function Modules...

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