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Optem Standard Camera Coupler - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Mount Type Scope Brand MODEL MAKER Camera Couplers STANDARD CAMERA COUPLERS LEICA COMPOUND photoport, ALL Delta Optics Series with 37mm photoport) LEICA STEREO LEICA INVERTED LEICA STEREO SC Optem® Standard Couplers set the benchmark for versatility and image clarity. Featuring a unique two-piece design, our Standard Couplers consist of an optical camera coupler and a bottom clamp which fits into your microscope photoport or phototube. This modularity affords greater flexibility for a wider range of both older and newer microscopes. To further flexibility, a single optical camera coupler can fit into any bottom clamp, affording you the economy to easily share a common camera across a variety of microscopes with only the cost of multiple bottom clamps. LEITZ UPRIGHT LEITZ INVERTED WILD STEREO (Leitz, Wild) WILD MACROSCOPE WILD UPRIGHT LEICA COMPOUND • MS5 • MZ6 • MZ8 • MZ12 • MZAP0 (ALL w/ 37mm photoport) • GZ6 (w/ Phototube #13410309) • DMIL (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport) • MS5 • MZ6 • MZ8 • MZ12 • MZAP0 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • GZ6 (w/ Phototube #13410302) • Aristomet • Aristoplan • Dialux • Diaplan • Ergolux • Laborlux • Mettalux • Ortholux • Orthoplan (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • Diavert • Fluovert • Labovert • Metallovert (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • M3 • M5 • M7 • M8 • M10 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • M420 (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport) • old Wild M11 • M20 • M40 • M50 (ALL w/ 25mm phototube) • DM L Series • DM R Series • DM IR Series • DM IL Series (ALL HC Optics Series) • Finescope 60 (nontilting head) • Alphaphot-2 • Labophot-2 • Optiphot-2 (ALL w/ phototube) • Multi-image module • Microphot (w/ Nikon phototube #79429) INVERTED STEREO MEASURING • Diaphot 300/200 (w/ side port phototube) • Diaphot TMD • Epiphot TME • TMS-F • SMZ-U (w/ phototube) • SMZ-10A (w/ phototube) • SMZ-2T • MM-11C • MM-11U • MM-22 • MM-22U • MM-40 • MM-60 (ALL w/ phototube) UPRIGHT INVERTED Optem Standard Couplers contain an image plane within the optical coupler which allows you to project a 21mm reticle onto your monitor. An lockable focus set screw allows you to more easily establish and maintain parfocality on your video monitor. • DM L Series • DM R Series • DM RD (does not fit Photo TV Module) • FSA Tube Adapter • TV Tube Adapter • Variotube (ALL insert into 37mm METALLURGICAL STEREO MEASURING UPRIGHT STEREO • Alphaphot-2 • Eclipse Series (requires YT-Tube 92306) • Labophot-2 • Optiphot-2 • Optiphot 100S, 150, 200, 300 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • Diaphot 300/200 • TS100-F • TE2000 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • Epiphot 300/200 (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport) • SMZ-10A • SMZ-U • SMZ-800,-1000,-1500 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • MM-40 • MM-60 (BOTH insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • Eclipse Series (w/ phototube #92021 for 30mm photo eyepiece) • SMZ-800 (w/ phototube #92021 for 30mm photo eyepiece) Image Quality Precision optics produce crisp, flat-field images with all microscope objectives, including achromats, apochromats and plan fluorites. Magnification Options Available in 0.38X, 0.50X, 0.67X, 1.0X, 1.6X and 2.0X magnification factors to provide maximum imaging flexibility. Versatile Connectivity Reticle Capability All Standard Couplers accept 21mm reticles for clear projection to your monitor. Available in C-mount, bayonet, F-mount, female C-to-male C-mount, and female C-mount to bayonet configurations to fit a wide variety of video cameras. INVERTED STEREO UPRIGHT STEREO • SZ Series (fits SZ-TRU phototube) • SZH Series • SZX Series (BOTH w/ U-SPT phototube) • BH Series • CH Series (BOTH w/ 25mm phototube) • CK Series (w/ 25mm phototube) • SZIII-TR Series • XTR Series (BOTH w/ 25mm phototube) • AX Provis Series • BX Series • BX2 Series • CX Series • CX2 Series • MX Series (ALL w/ U-SPT phototube removed) • BX U-DPT Double Port (back port only, front port uses “H” Clamp) • SZX Series (w/ U-SPT phototube removed) • IMT-2 (w/ sideport or trinoc head) • IX Series (w/ IX-SPT phototube for sideport or trinocular port) INVERTED STEREO Your quality microscopy connection! • AX Series • BX Series • BX2 Series • CX Series • CX2 Series • MX Series (ALL w/ U-SPT phototube) • BH-2 Series (BHS, BHT, BHTU, BHM) • Vanox (w/ AH2-ADF for new Vanox) • old Standard Trinoc (w/ 25mm o.d. phototube [Zeiss #s 473026; 473028; 473029]) • new Standard Trinoc (Zeiss # 452903) • IM Series (w/ 25mm o.d., 23.2mm i.d. phototube) • Axiolab • Axiophot-2 • Axioplan-2 • Axioskop-2 • Axiostar • Axiotech • STD 25 ICS • KF2 ICS • New Standard Trinocular Tube (Zeiss # 452902) • Axiovert models: 100, 135, 135M, 200 (ALL non-compatible w/ 0.38X mag. Couplers) • IM Series (w/ new Standard Trinoc Tube [Zeiss # 452902]) • Stemi DRC (w/ 455005 phototube) • Stemi 2000-C • Stemi 2000-CS • SV6 • SV11 UPRIGHT INVERTED • Axiophot • Axioplan • Axioskop • Axiotron • Axiovert 10 • Axiovert 35 • Axiovert 35M • Axiovert 405M Requires Mini TV Tube. See Page 23 Mount Type Scope Brand Scope Model Indicate your desired 2-letter Camera Mount Type from column #1. Indicate the desired 2-digit Magnification Factor from column #2. Indicate your 1-letter Microscope Brand from column #3. Indicate your 1-letter Microscope Model from column #4. QIOPTIQ IMAGING SOLUTIONS QIOPTIQ IMAGING SOLUTIONS www.qioptiqimaging.com 78 Schuyler Baldwin Drive, Fairport, NY, 14450 Tel: (585) 223-2370 Fax: (585) 223-3413 www.qioptiqimaging.com

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Standard Coupler Bottom Clamps LEICA Wild Mitutoyo Finescope 60 (for 30mm Photo Eyepiece) Nikon Phototube Photo Photo Photo Photo Tube Tube Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Tube Nikon Phototube Olympus Photoport (for 23mm Photo Eyepiece) (U-SPT Phototube Removed) w/out w/out with with with with USP-T USP-T USP-T USP-T USP-T USP-T with with w/out w/out w/out w/out USP-T USP-T USP-T USP-T Olympus Phototube 25mm Phototube Axiolab Axiophot Axiophot-2 Axioplan Axioplan-2 Axioskop Axioskop-2 Axiostar...

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