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Optem M2 APO Camera Coupler - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Camera Couplers Optem® M2 APO Couplers are specifically designed to deliver high-quality images from your microscope to your high-end, research grade cameras. The Optem M2 APO Coupler delivers high-contrast imaging that extends beyond the Nyquist sampling of today’s larger chip sizes, providing clear, sharp imagery over the entire field-of-view (FOV). The telecentric optics ensure high camera efficiency, minimum color spread, and provide uniform illumination across the entire field. In addition, broadband anti-reflection coatings allow maximum photon transmission for optimal fluorescence imaging. Optem M2 APO couplers are available in 0.5X, 0.7X, and 1.1X magnifications to optimize FOV coverage of today’s Mega-pixel research camera chips. Versatile Connectivity Connects easily to a variety of cameras, including C-Mount F-Mount, and ENG. Built-In Aperture Adjustable aperture to improve contrast.(0.5X and 0.7X magnifications only). Apochromatic over visible spectrum for high-resolution imaging. Precise Lockable Focus Maintains camera parfocality. Low Profile Low-profile design ensures greater image stability. Centerable C-Mount Allows for precise image alignment. QIOPTIQ IMAGING SOLUTIONS www.qioptiqimaging.com

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Mount Type Scope Brand Scope Model LEICA STEREO LEITZ UPRIGHT MODEL MAKER WILD STEREO (Leitz, Wild, Bausch & Lomb) WILD MACROSCOPE LEICA COMPOUND • DMIL (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport) • MS5 • MZ6 • MZ8 • MZ12 • MZAP0 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • GZ6 (w/Phototube #13410302) • Aristomet • Aristoplan • Dialux • Diaplan • Ergolux • Laborlux • Mettalux • Ortholux • Orthoplan (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • Diavert • Fluovert • Labovert • Metallovert (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • M3 • M5 • M7 • M8 • M10 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • M420 (inserts into 38mm ISO photoport) •...

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