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Optem Long Working Distance Objectives - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Optem Long Working Distance Infinity-Corrected Objectives With a generous parfocal distance of 95mm*, Optem® Long Working Distance Objectives are the perfect machine vision and industrial imaging solution when you need added magnification and resolving power without sacrificing working space around your subject. Select from the complete line of Optem M Plan APO Objectives when flat-field precision, color accuracy and even illumination are critical... ideal for metrology! Or leverage a 50% boost in numerical aperture with the field-proven imaging power of Optem High-Resolution Objectives to achieve the finest detail possible and fully leverage your imaging power. All Optem Objective feature M26x36T threads. * Parfocal distance measured from the objective shoulder to the object plane Immediate Delivery... Order yours today! Maximize your working space...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Optem Long Working Distance, Infinity-Corrected Objectives Optem® M Plan APO Objectives Realize flat-field precision that is free of chromatic aberration when imaging accuracy really counts. Optem M-Plan Apo Objectives feature m26x36T threads and are optimized for use with Optem Micro-Inspection Lenses, A-Zoom2 and A-Zoomµ Probing Microscopes and a range of popular industrial inspection and semiconductor microscopes. A parallel replacement for Mitutoyo 378 Series objectives. Cat. No. Objective Description Numerical Aperture Real FOV (mm) Real FOV (VxH, mm) (Ø24 eyepiece)...

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