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Optem FUSION lens system - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Extreme Micro-Imaging Versatility

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High-Performance... High-Magnification • • • • • • • • • Wafer Processing MEMS Development Non-Contact Metrology Fiber Alignment Analytical Probing Solder Bump Inspection Filter & Particle Analysis Micro-Hole Arrays Nanolithography Laser Machining / Marking Micro Structures Materials Research Micro Dispensing Well plate scanning Crystal Development Gemological Analysis Biomedical Research Microfluidics Your Key to Photonic Innovation Qioptiq designs and manufactures sophisticated optical products and photonic solutions to serve a wide range of applications across the industrial manufacturing,...

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Qioptiq coalesces 40-years of Optem® Lens manufacturing expertise into the perfect fusion of performance, simplicity and flexibility. Optem FUSION Extreme Micro-Imaging Versatility The all new Optem FUSION Lens System incorporates expanded functionality, bi-directional infinity optics, and a uniform modular matrix to provide OEMs with the ideal lens solution for streamlined integration of high-magnification imaging. Unmatched Modular Imaging Flexibility Simply change-out modules to modify the form, function and performance of your Optem FUSION Lens System to meet the exact spatial, functional,...

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FUSION Flexibility... At the heart of FUSION‘s extreme versatility, is the simplicity of stacking a variety of modules to affect magnification, function and form of the lens system. Following are the basic required components of a functional FUSION lens assembly. From here, features and accessories are easily swapped in to meet your requirements... Camera Mount Mates FUSION with C, CS, F, EOS, 4/3-mount cameras and more Camera Tube Modifies magnification to your camera optimizing chip coverage & performance Core Optical Module Determines optical function... Fixed, 7:1 or 12.5:1 zoom magnification......

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Assemble a basic Fixed-Magnification lens configuration Vary Camera Tube and Lower Lens magnifications with the Fixed Aperture Block to yield a wide range of fixedimaging lens configurations. Change out core optical modules to integrate Zoom Imaging Replace the Fixed Aperture Block with a 7:1 or 12.5:1 Zoom Module to introduce variable magnification imaging. Integrate Lower Function Modules to add Focus and/ or Coaxial Illumination Swap out Basic Lower Function Module to integrate 15mm Fine Focus, integrated Coaxial Illumination or 5mm Focus with Coaxial Illumination. Motorized Zoom and Focus...

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FUSION Features... Optem FUSION is engineered to deliver unprecedented configuration and performance flexibility. A wide array of interchangeable components affords OEMs with forward flexibility to evolve imaging capability with the life cycle of their system, and affords researchers with quick swap-out flexibility for benchtop video microscopy applications. 6 Optomechanical Flexibility Integrate 90° Mirror Cubes and 50/50 Cubes at most any point along the optical path to modify the shape and fit of FUSION to your specific integration requirements. Combinations of multiple Cube Modules permit...

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Improved Parfocality State-of-the-Art Illumination The FUSION system offers dimmable white LED ringlight and 3-Watt coaxial illuminator options for reliable, long-lasting integrated illumination for crisp, high-contrast imaging. Internally focusable Camera Tubes streamline the parfocalizing process and speed system setup. Lockable adjustment hex screws ensure stability and repeatability. Optical Accessories Bi-directional infinity optics allow a range of Accessory Modules including iris, filter wheels, polarizers and apertures to be integrated at most any point along the optical path. Achieve...

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The FUSION of Simplicity and Flexibility 7:1 Zoom Magnification MINIMUM CONFIGURATION Magnification NA Resolution (lp/mm) Depth-of-Field (mm) Field-of-View* (mm) Working Dist. (mm) High Zoom MAXIMUM CONFIGURATION Magnification NA Resolution (lp/mm) Depth-of-Field (mm) Field-of-View* (mm) Working Dist. (mm) High Zoom Designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s micro imaging applications in OEM systems, the Optem® FUSION Lens System combines a uniform mechanical interface with bi-directional infinity optics to deliver unmatched interchangeability, performance versatility and functional flexibility....

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