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NEW iFLEX iRIS Miniature Laser Diode Modules - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

iFLEX-iRIS Diode laser systems with fiber delivery The Qioptiq iFLEX-iRIS™ diode laser systems offer high Some of the product features include: performance stability with low amplitude noise in a • High stability, high beam quality miniaturized package. The lasers are mode-hop free and wavelength stabilized as a result of active temperature control. • iniaturized size for low impact on instrument design M • Integrated electronics and TEC temperature stabilized All iFLEX-iRIS lasers include automatic closed loop control to provide long term power stability and performance • Conductively cooled through baseplate throughout the product lifetime. “Plug and Play” fiber optic • Plug & Play modular SM PM fiber optic coupling with beam delivery is offered with Qioptiq’s modular kineFLEX® single-mode, polarization maintaining fiber delivery system. the kineFLEX® • OEM versions on request

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iFLEX-iRIS specification overview iFLEX-iRIS™ Laser Specifications Power from laser Power after fiber output Centre wavelength Power stability (8 hours) Polarization ratio Fiber parameters Output termination Pointing stability Beam divergence Diffraction Limited Mechanical dimensions Beam position (collimated) Beam angle (collimated) Fiber length Fiber protective jacket Power supply Max. base plate temp. Environmental conditions Storage temperature Operating pressure Operating temperature Operating humidity Operation modes 100% output power upon laser enable CW with power adjustment 0 - 100% power...

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