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Microbench - 44 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LINOS Microbench, Bench and Rail Systems 2010-12 Broschure Microbench.indd 1 14.12.2010 08:57:26

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About this Brochure We received a lot of positive feedback on previous Microbench Tube Mounting System C editions of our brochure describing our MicrobenchTM and Tube Mounting System CTM products. We are con dent that this latest edition, reworked and expanded by the addition of the NanobenchTM and our at rail and pro e systems, lives up to the l Microbench Tube Mounting System C standard of quality you have come to expect from LINOS products. 1. 1990 edition (german) 2. edition 2002 Our main objective is to provide you with a clear 2 overview of these systems, including details on their compatibility...

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Microbench Manufacturing Line 6 LINOS Bench Systems, Overview 7 Flat Rail and Profile Systems Frequently Asked Questions How Do I Integrate Spherical Optics? 21 How Do I Integrate Planar Optics? 22 How Do I Integrate Optics into Existing Setups? 24 How Do I Adjust Optics Along the X and Y Axis? 26 What Options are Available for Rotation How Do I Adjust Optics along the Z Axis? 28 What Adapters Are Available? 30 How Do I Mount Bench Systems in Application Examples of Complex Systems Creating a Spatial Filter System 36 Creating an Expansion System 37 Creating a Fiber Coupler 38 Light Sources for...

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The Microbench Concept LINOS (the Catalog line of Qioptiq) – formerly thus were suitable only for demonstration purposes. Spindler & Hoyer – and the Microbench system are The dimensions of the accessories for these earlier- bound together inseparably, and have been for more model benches made it impossible to achieve the than 40 years now. The long-established Spindler & compactness often sought-after in an optical setup. Hoyer company began serial production of the Furthermore, the insertion of microscope assemblies compact 4-rod Microbench system, the innovative such as polarization, interference...

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Instruments made up of Microbench components are also ideal for demonstrations and practical training: the exposed design makes it easy not only to observe the entire system but also to alter or expand its most basic workings by simply adding components, such as grids, prisms, mirrors or other accessories. In the following years the Microbench system has been continually expanded. Numerous mounted optics, specially designed for the Microbench, have 5 been developed. The special m icon has been developed for use in our catalogs to make it easier for you to nd mounted optics to add to your Microbench....

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Microbench Manufacturing Line Materials made from highest-quality aluminum alloy, for example: bulk material (round) for mounting plates Top-quality materials Compliant materials Special alloys meet the highest standards 9-axis CNC milling machine handles all production stages, from aluminum bulk material (round) to nished mounting plate with all drill-holes and threads Optimized manufacturing Parts manufactured in a single work cycle 6 Highest precision to meet our stringent tolerances for pinpoint accuracy Final inspection of mounting plate tolerances at a coordinate measuring station 100% Quality...

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Bench Systems, Overview LINOS bench and rail systems for experimental setups and measuring / inspection equipment offer high precision, excellent mechanical stability and exibility in use. Our Microbench has stood the test of time for more than four decades, and we are constantly expanding the system to make sure all your requirements are met. At the same time, we continue to specialize in trend-setting developments. Several years ago, in response to the growing demand for smaller systems, LINOS introduced the Nanobench line. Compared to the 40-mm edge length of the Microbench system, the Nanobench...

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First of its Kind: The Microbench Microbench is a compact component system for numerous areas of application – from lighting and imaging structures to optical experimental setups, measurement / inspection equipment and interferometric applications, to name just a few. The outstanding characteristics of the LINOS Microbench products include their high mechanical stability - thanks to the use of highest quality materials - and their easy handling, even for rst-time users. 8 A high degree of exibility is ensured not only through the wide variety of components available for LINOS Microbench systems,...

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Well-rounded Product Line: Tube System C The Tube Mounting System C is a modular component construction system for fast and trouble-free set-up of laboratory instruments, prototypes and small-batch production. Tubes are available in diameters of 30 mm and 35 mm. Threaded sockets and threaded rings enable the connection of a wide range of optics, with diameters from 6 mm to 31.5 mm. With the Tube Mounting System C, creating your own lens and expander systems is a breeze. Adapter rings make this system compatible with the connecting threads on C-Mounts, microscopes and CCD cameras. Fine adjusters...

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High-prole Products: Prole System X 25 Do you require even higher stability? Then you need our Pro le System X 25. This octagonal pro le system is ideal not only for horizontal structures, but for vertical applications as well. The Prole System X 25 gives you many attachment options of a universal carrier. Moreover, this system uses the FLR 25 carriers from the FLS 25 rail system, making it even more universal – and economical. Highest stability Direct installation on breadboards, 10 optical tables, etc. For linear and spatial structures Excellent straightness with low torsion Basic Principles:...

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Mounting plates • Lead-free aluminum alloy • Matt black anodized surfaces • Inner diameter: 25, 30 or 35 mm with H7 tolerances • Four bore holes for mounting the connecting rods. The tolerances for the rod bore holes on the mounting plates, together with the tolerances for the rods, guarantee a system with virtually zero play. Rods • Hardened stainless steel with polished surfaces • Lapped to t 11 • Outer diameter: 6 mm • Lengths: 20 mm to 450 mm Set of collars G06 1220 000 (10 pcs) • Compatible adjustment rings as holders or stops; e.g., for Z-adjustment of individual components Cubes Mounting...

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