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LINOS Machine Vision Lenses - 44 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LINOS Machine Vision Lenses

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Medical & Life Sciences Industrial Manufacturing Defense & Aerospace Research & Development Company Profile Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products sourcing. Due to a series of acquisitions, Qioptiq and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and has an impressive history and pedigree, benefiting applications in the areas of industrial manufacturing, from the knowledge and experience of LINOS, medical and life sciences, research and development, Point Source, Rodenstock Präzisionsoptik, Spindler & Hoyer, Gsänger, Optem, Pilkington and others. The company is known for its high-quality...

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Company Profile and Milestones 2 Rodagon F series 18 Machine Vision 4 Apo Rodagon HR series 19 From OEM to Standard 6 Apo-Rodagon D series 20 Your Demands - Our Solutions 7 Qioptiq Premium Lens Solutions 22 Machine Vision Products: Rodagon / Rogonar S series 24 MeVis-C series 8 Macro CCD Lens series 26 MeVis-Cm series (motorized) 9 Telecentric Lenses TL series 28 MeVis-CF series 10 Mechanical Accessories 30 NIR Lenses 11 Selection Chart Lenses 36 Inspec.x UV-VIS series 12 Software: Inspec.x M series 14 MachVis Software 38 Inspec.x L series 16 Customized Solutions: 40 Spindler & Hoyer, Steeg &...

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For more information on Qioptiq’s complete line of machine vision and programmable high-performance zoom lens technology, visit www.qioptiq.com/machinevision-lenses.html technology to meet your exacting requirements. If numerous. These include large-scale industrial your specifications cannot be met with our standard manufacture, short-run, unique object manufacture, products, engage our technical support teams for a traffic and speed surveillance, packaging control of custom solution to your specific application. pharmaceuticals, inspection and process control (e.g. quality control, failure analysis),...

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Traffic monitoring Semiconductor production Wafer inspection, processing & probing Packaging control, crystal development Foreign particle detection Color consistency Optical character recognition Barcode scanning, package integrity Food processing Fingerprints, retinal scan, bio-fluid analysis Medicine configuration Rail and overhead conductor inspection

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From OEM to Standard The current trend toward smaller pixel sizes on the • High-resolution lenses for c-mount that deliver the one hand, and larger image sensors on the other necessary resolution to fully utilize the high pixel hand, makes it impossible to use standard CCTV lenses any longer without sacrificing resolution. With • Standard-resolution lenses for large image sensors line scan sensors we see a combination of both • High-resolution lenses for long line scan sensors trends, as pixel sizes have arrived at 5μm with a with pixel dimensions down to 5μm sensor lengths up to 60mm and more....

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Your Demands - Our Solutions Your Demands • Robust reliability for harsh industrial Qioptiq can help you! Our solutions for Machine Vision are: • High-resolution lenses • System integration capabilities • Large-format lenses • Compact optical modules • Micro-inspection lenses • Camera integration and sensor • Line-scan lenses • C-Mount and F-Mount lenses • Long-term delivery guarantee • High-performance zoom optics • Comprehensive service & support • Telecentric optics • High imaging quality • Megapixel lenses • Reflective objectives • Long working distance objectives • Electro-optic integration...

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MeVis-C series High-Resolution C-Mount Lenses for Megapixel Cameras MeVis-C lenses are specifically​developed to be used with the highest-resolution sensors available on the​ market. An exceptionally high-resolution​ across the entire sensor ensures excellent​ performance for the most demanding​applications. Designed for zero brightness fall off or​ distortion 8 across the full field, and chromatic correction through the entire​ operating wavelength range (450900nm) to eliminate irritating color fringes,​ these lenses resolve up to 200 lp/mm, even in the extreme image corners.​ The resolution...

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MeVis-Cm series (motorized) Motorized Versions of MeVis-C To meet today‘s growing automated imaging requirements, Qioptiq expanded the MeVis product​​​ line with a motorized version.​​​ Motorization of the MeVis-Cm lenses​​​ enables automated adjustment of the​​​ focus and diaphragm, which is a​​​ tremendous advantage for remote operation and hard-to-access installations. Encoders in the MeVis-Cm ensure​​​ precise and reproducible adjustment. 9 Featuring standard C-Mount connectivity, MeVis-Cm lenses are easy to integrate with a wide variety of CCD cameras typically utilized in industrial inspection applications....

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MeVis-CF series Highest optical performance Compact and robust mechanics Superior Optical Performance Packaged in a Compact and Robust Housing With the new MeVis-CF series Qioptiq introduces a new line of lenses to serve applications requiring best possible imaging quality from a compact, robust lens package. The optical performance is equal to the renowned MeVis-C series. The mechanics, however, are designed to be as simple as possible. The major difference to the MeVis-C series is the fixed aperture which enables the durability and size needed for space-constrained applications. The lenses are...

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NIR Lenses Specially Designed for the Spectral Range of 800-1400nm Because the sensitivity of CCD sensors is very​ low in the NIR range it is absolutely vital​ to bring every available photon onto the​ sensor. Standard lenses that are​optimized for visible light are not​well suited for this task as the transmission​ in the NIR range is often below 70%.​ Qioptiq now offers specialized lenses for​ well suited that offer​ outstanding transmission of up to 98% in​this wavelength range. NIR wavelength range Optimized cell testing, food inspection, pharmaceutical applications NIR Lenses Specifications...

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