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Large-Format Camera Coupler - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Large-Format Large Format Direct Camera Couplers Optem® Large-Format Direct Couplers are specifically engineered to provide the necessary magnification to cover the larger chip-diagonals of today’s high-end SLR, CCD and Line-scan cameras. Large-Format Couplers offer the simplicity and lower profile of our conventional Direct Coupler line, but allow microscopists to take full advantage of state-of-the art cameras available today in support of their growing research needs. These Couplers are available in 1.3X and 1.9X magnifications to cover camera-chip diagonals up to 37mm. With Large-Format Direct Couplers, you will enjoy the same mounting versatility and brand/model compatibility offered by the Direct Coupler Line, except for minor restrictions with 1.3X models*. (See Asterisk note on reverse chart) Image Quality Versatile Connectivity Available in C-mount, F-mount, and a variety of bayonet configurations to fit a wide variety of large-format cameras. Contact Qioptiq Imaging Solutions for fast and effective custom mounting solutions. Precision optics produce crisp, flat-field images with all microscope objectives, including achromats, apochromats and plan fluorites. Magnification Options Available in 1.3X (for camera chip diagonals up to 28mm) and 1.9X (diagonals up to 37mm), to provide sufficient magnification to cover today’s large-format CCD and Line-scan cameras. Your quality microscopy connection! QIOPTIQ IMAGING SOLUTIONS www.qioptiqimaging.com

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Mount Type Mag. Factor Scope Brand Scope Model Column Column Column Column #1 #2 #3 LARGE-FORMAT CAMERA COUPLERS #4 LEICA INVERTED 13* (1.3X) DC “C” MOUNT MODEL MAKER LEICA STEREO covers 28mm chip diag LEITZ UPRIGHT 19 N (1.9X) LEITZ INVERTED covers 37mm chip diag WILD STEREO WILD MACROSCOPE L 13 DS SONY 1/2” Bayonet (1.3X) covers 28mm chip diag LEICA COMPOUND LEICA * P (Leitz, Wild, Bausch & Lomb) 19 { • MS5 • MZ6 • MZ8 • MZ12 • MZAP0 (ALL insert into 38mm ISO photoport) • GZ6 (w/Phototube #13410302) • Aristomet • Aristoplan • Dialux • Diaplan • Ergolux • Laborlux • Mettalux • Ortholux • Orthoplan...

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