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iFLEX-2000 fiber-coupled laser system - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Datasheet Fiber coupled laser diode system – iFLEX2000 The iFLEX2000TM is a compact laser diode system with a modular singlemode fiber delivery system. The laser is modehop free and wavelength stabilized as a direct result of active temperature control. A closed loop control provides long term power stability and an ability to monitor the power via an external output signal. The laser module is guaranteed for long lifetime and delivers exceptional power stability with low amplitude noise. All models feature an interlock and output diagnostics for laser current and temperature as standard. Features include a high dynamic range 5MHz TTL modulation option or a variable power control via analog modulation up to 5MHz. All lasers feature diffraction limited output beams with zero astigmatism, high spatial coherence and low dynamic pointing error. Laser systems can be made available in constant current mode and in ultra-low noise versions. OEM options also include custom multiplexed laser modules with customer specific lasers. The iFLEX2000 is compatible with a number of commercially available imaging software packages such as Olympus cell^R™, MetaMorph® and μManager and a number of add-on interfaces ensure a complete solution for all microscope systems. • TEM00 true Gaussian beam PSM1002_9 The kinematic design of the laser to fiber coupler enables true ‘Plug & Play’ benefits for singlemode and polarization-preserving fiber designs. Sub-micron repeatability and sub-microradian stability mean systems can be ‘factory set’ and stable for multiple remove and insert operations. The laser and fiber systems are also optimized for unmatched laser modules thus providing true modularity for instrument design and ease of replacement. Some of the product features include: • actory set and conform to specification ‘out of the F box’ • table to optomechanical thermal effects and S exhibits no hysteresis • avelengths at 375, 405, 445, 473, 488, 515, 640, W 660, 670, 780, 830nm • 50mW, OEM versions available • High stability, high beam quality • Low noise • Software controllable

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Technical Specifications Output power Operating performance Polarization ratio Laser parameters Center wavelength Power stability (over 8 hours) Power supply Max. base plate temperature Connectorized output beam Polarization maintaining fiber FCP8, APC (polarization keyed and 8 degree polished) Fiber parameters Fiber length Fiber protective jacket Colli mated output beam Beam diameter Pointing stability Beam divergence Diffraction Limited Mechanical dimensions Beam position Beam angle Environmental conditions Storage temperature Operating pressure Operating temperature Operating humidity 5MHz,...

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Laser head Electrical interface KINEMATIX FIBER A: 6 MOUNTING HOLES THREAD M4 STEEL JACKET FC/PC connector 3. Laser enable; 4-5V to enable, <1.2V to disable 4. Temperature OK signal, TTL logic level output (high = temperature locked) 5. External current contro 8. Diode operating current output, (Vop is scaled 10mV/mA laser diode current) 9. Monitor photodiode output (uncalibrated) Order Code Fiber type, (P)olarization maintaining - Modulation Options (A=Analog, T=TTL, N=CW, NP=CW with power control)

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Fiber Optics Lasers kineFLEX™ Robust laser beam delivery system for precision measurement applications • iber coupling for DPSS, diode and F gas lasers • ighly repeatable and stable H operation • Greater then 65% coupling efficiency kineFLEX-HPV™ / kineFLEX-UV™ Robust high power laser beam delivery system for precision measurement applications • nput power up to 500mW for 488nm I or higher • nput power up to 20mW for 375nm I • EM multiple wavelength versions O available kineFLEX-DUO™ Robust laser beam delivery system for two laser sources at visible wavelengths • fficient and simple beam E combination...

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