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HR Heligaron-L lens for X-ray CCD cameras - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

HR Heligaron L for High Resolution CCD Cameras The HR Heligaron L is an innovative, highly The specially optimized Qioptiq HR Heligaron L is intergrated relay optics system comprising all the ideal lens when choosing optics to ll the features for high-end X-ray devices in a wide range of image intensier output elds and compact design.

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How our HR Heligaron L design will support your application: • The specially optimized Qioptiq HR Heligaron L is an ideal lens for single port X-ray devices. • High light transfer for a minimum of X-ray dose. • The optical system is free of vignetting. • Hight modulation transfer function from the center to the edge of the image. • Very small external dimensions due to the compact design. • An universal interface system design allows direct coupling to most image intensiers. • The standard C-mount camera interface makes it suitable for different camera systems. • Motorized iris. • Free adjustable...

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