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A-Zoom Single Objective Zoom Microscopes - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

A-Zoom ® Single-Objective Zoom Microscopes 1

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2 Your Key to Photonic Innovation Qioptiq (pronounced “Key-Optic”) designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications in the areas of industrial manufacturing, medical and life sciences, research and development, defense and aerospace. Recognized Quality We are proud to be known for our high-quality standard components, products and instruments, our custom modules and assemblies, our leading-edge innovation, our precision manufacturing and our responsive global resourcing. Serving a Wide Range of Market Sectors Our broad expertise across...

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A-Zoomµ Micro A-Zoom Single-Objective Zoom Microscopes... Designed for Productivity, Engineered for Precision Originally developed to locate and inspect the nest electronic traces using even ner electronic probes in semiconductor and integrated circuit applications, A-Zoom Microscopes offer extended zoom ranges with numerical apertures capable of resolving feature geometry in the sub-micron range. The eld proven A-Zoom line offers streamlined operation and economy in the manual A-Zoomµ Micro Series, and programmable automated zoom video microscopy in the A-Zoom2 Series. Both offer a broad range...

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A-Zoomµ Micro Camera Flexibility Standard 38mm ISO port provides camera exibility to meet most any prober imaging requirement. Manual Zoom Microscopes Designed for streamlined operation and compact integration onto electronic probers, quality xtures and inspection Trinocular Head Options workstations, the A-Zoom Micro offers A-Zoom Micro comes standard with a xed trinoc head and 10X eyepieces, yielding 50/50 or 100% uni-directional, erect image transmission. Tilting Binocular eyepiece and camera-only head options are also available. a high-value inspection, solution machining for precision and...

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A-Zoom2 Automated Zoom Microscopes The A-Zoom2 Series delivers programmable motorized zoom, illumination and focus function options to boost throughput and repeatability in higher-volume inspection applications. Select from 40:1 or 10:1 models to meet your specic optical magnication range requirements. A-Zoom2 Series further introduces laser-ready models for real-time micro machinging, layer passivation and analytical forensics as needed. 6 10X and 40X Motorized Zoom Select from 10X (10:1) and 40X (40:1) A-Zoom2 Models capable of covering magnication ranges of 75 – 3000X as equipped with a 10X...

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A-Zoom2 Models and Options 10X A-Zoom2 - Video with Eyepieces, Manual Focus Block, Proportionate Control 48-10-42-12 10X A-Zoom2 - Video only, Manual Focus Block, RS232 Digital Control 48-10-42-01 10X A-Zoom2 - Video with Eyepieces, Manual Focus Block, RS232 Digital Control 48-10-42-11 10X A-Zoom2 - Video only, Motorized Focus Block, RS232 Digital Control 48-10-52-01 10X A-Zoom2 - Video with Eyepieces, Motorized Focus Block, RS232 Digital Control 48-10-52-11 10X A-Zoom2 - Video with Eyepieces, Manual Focus Block, RS232 Digital Controls, Laser Ready 48-10-42-16 40X A-Zoom2 - Video with Eyepieces,...

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8 A-Zoom Single-Objective Zoom Microscopes The signature A-Zoom single-objective design couples with precision zoom optomechanics to offer extended magnication with unmatched space efciency and working room in and around the subject. Well established in analytical probing applications in micro-electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, the time-tested line of A-Zoom microscopes afford streamlined and compact integration onto a multitude of prober stations and quality inspection xtures. The fusion of simplicity and precision For technical information contact: Qioptiq 78 Schuyler Baldwin Drive...

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