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DCS-T Series Big Bag Packing System DCS-T Series Big Bag Packing System Screw Big Bag Packing Machine: Product Description: This series of machines are designed for fast, accurate, and stable weigh-filling of large volumes of freeand non-free-flowing bulk materials. They are suitable for powered, granular, blocky or the mixture of them to be packed into bulk bags. Examples of the materials include Starch, Silica, Cement, Dry-mixed Mortar, Titanium Concentrates, Copper Concentrate, Zinc Concentrate, Iron Ore Concentrate, Activated Carbon, Refractory Material, etc. This series of machines are designed for fast, accurate, and stable weigh-filling of large volumes of bulk materials into super sacks. Material is fed by horizontal screw feeder, which is driven by horizontal transmission shaft. Material is moved into the bag through the screw which is controlled by frequency convertor to realize bulk/trim feeding. Vibrating table on bottom of the bag helps to make compact package and is adjustable to the height of the bag. When reached the target value, the feeding device stops and a new packing process is ready to run. Technical Parameters •Weighing Range: 500-2000 kg •Packing Rate: 10-40 bags/hourpacking speed depends on the material's features and package material •Weighing Accuracy± 0.2 •Applicable Voltage: AC 220V-440V 50/60 Hz Three Phases and Four Lines Dew, Operating Temperature: -10℃50℃, Storage Temperature : -30℃70℃ •Applicable Environment: Altitude ≤ 4300 meters (Established Project), Humidity ≤ 95% RH Non-congealable •Air Source Requirement: 0.5-0.8 MPa Dry Compressed Air,Total Air Consumption: 0.6m /min (clients should supply the voltage class and frequency at their local place) Specification and Model Model Fill Rate Reference Weight Proper Application DCS-TWJL Screw DCS-TWZL Gravity Flow DCS-TWPD Belt Powdery and Granular Mixture DCS-TWZD Vibration Weighing Range High Dulk Density and High Hardness Granule

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