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According to customers’ requirements and their scale of investment, PUDA customizes for them the economical and high quality of turnkey projects. Our promise is based on our knowledge of customer’s product, usage of high quality of assorted equipments and our extensive experience. We have three types of line to fit your needs: simple type, The dry mortar production line consists of semi-automatic and economical type, and full-automatic • Drying and screening equipment for raw material: drum-type drier, screening machine. and high efficiency type. • Lifting equipments for raw material: bucket elevator, pneumatic conveyor, big bag discharging system and passenger and goods lift. • Storage system for raw material: main material silo and additive silo. They are designed according to the materials’ bulk density, PH value, stickiness, grain size and repose angel etc. The silos are equipped with air cannon, level indicator and pressure reliever. • De-dusting and recycling system: dust collector on top of silo, central dust collector and portable recycle machine. • Feeding system: Gravity feeding section - pneumatic conveying and assistant valves; Mechanical assistance feeding section - screw feed and vibration feed. • Mixer, finished product silo. • Packing system: small bag packing machine, big bag packing machine and bulk packing system. • Air supply system and pipes: air compressor, drying and filtering equipment, pipes. • Accessories of raw material silo: level indicator, pressure relief valve and air cannon. • Central control room: standby power supply, PC, printer, PLC and weighing controller. Batching System

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Dry Mortar Plant Reliable operation: PUDA’s mixer equips with PLC and visual operation. This operation system could be set into full-automatic or manual. The mixing time is adjustable basing on the mixing result which could be got The main process of dry mortar production line with sampler that connected to the mixer. Easy maintenance: A gate on the wall of the mixer’s barrel makes it easier to observe and access to do 1. Raw material conveying system with features of high efficiency, stability, reliability and environmental protection According to the characteristics of material, we use different...

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