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Q-SUN Xe-1, Xe-2 & Xe-3 - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Xenon Test Chambers We make weathering simple.

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Weathering Basics Sunlight, heat and moisture cause millions of dollars in product damage every year. Cracking, crazing, hazing, fading and yellowing occur indoors or outdoors. With Q-SUN® xenon test chambers, you can simulate the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight, temperature and moisture. In just a few days or weeks, a Q-SUN tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors. Xenon Testers Q-SUN xenon test chambers are the Three basic models suit the xenon Q-SUN test chambers are used by ultimate research & development and testing needs of any lab: the tabletop companies...

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Why Q-SUN? Simple to Afford Q-SUN xenon arc testers were specifi- Q-SUN xenon test chambers are easy We believe that just because a product cally designed to have the lowest total to install, easy to program and easy is technical, it doesn’t have to be hard cost of ownership in the industry. Their to understand or difficult to maintain and low purchase price, low lamp price, and evaluations are simplified with specially repair. Instead of complicating our tester low operating costs set a new standard designed specimen holders. All models designs by loading them with extra or for lightfastness...

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Q-SUN Models Flat Array The Q-SUN Xe-3 is a full-featured, full- single-lamp tabletop tester with multiple sized tester at a breakthrough price. It capabilities. Its small scale is perfect utilizes three separate xenon lamps for for a lab with a limited budget or only larger capacity. an occasional need for testing. (17.5” x 28”) specimen tray is almost Q-SUN Xe-1 tester’s slide-out specimen three times larger than the Xe-1 and is useful for exposing large, three-dimen- sional parts or components. exhaust the Xe-1 directly into the room. 4

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Rotating Rack Q-SUN Xe-2 The Q-SUN Xe-2 xenon tester offers a large-capacity rotating rack. It is often selected to meet some of the few remaining hardware-specific testing standards. It supports 31 specimens of 46 mm x 122 mm (1.8” x 4.8”) each. Its single air-cooled lamp is more economical than water-cooled lamps, highly efficient and very low maintenance. The versatile Q-SUN Xe-2 tester is the simplest, most reliable, and easiest to use rotating rack xenon arc tester available. The Xe-2 tester’s rotating rack

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Remarkably Simple User Interface AUTOCAL Calibration Full Spectrum Xenon Lamps Q-Lab’s patented AUTOCAL® tech- Xenon arc lamps produce the most face is designed to be functional, nology makes user calibration of the realistic reproduction of full spec- highly reliable and easy to use. The Q-SUN tester’s on-board irradiance trum sunlight, including ultraviolet, controller allows for complete self-di- sensor fast and error-free. The hand- visible light and infrared radiation. agnostic error checking and can be held CR20 radiometer requires a They are air-cooled, to maximize life yearly, inexpensive...

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Q-SUN testers aren’t loaded with unnecessary features — just the ones you need.

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Sunlight Simulation The Q-SUN testers' xenon arc lamps pro- duce the most realistic reproduction of full spectrum sunlight, including ultraviolet, vis- ible light and infrared radiation. For many materials, exposure to the full spectrum is necessary to provide an accurate simula- tion, especially when testing for color change Full-Spectrum Xenon Lamps Q-SUN xenon arc test chambers use air-cooled xenon arc lamps to significantly reduce operating and maintenance expenses. Lamp life is guaranteed at 1500 hours. Q-SUN models Xe-1 and Xe-2 use one lamp and model Xe-3 uses three. Changing lamps is quick...

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Long-Life Optical Filters Xenon light must be properly filtered to Daylight Filters achieve the appropriate spectrum for Daylight filters are used to simulate direct sunlight. each particular application. Differences They provide the best correlation to natural outdoor in spectra may affect both the speed exposures for most applications. Materials that and the type of degradation. Three cat- are typically used outdoors like roofing or exteri- egories of optical filters are available or coatings should be tested using daylight filters. to simulate a variety of service environ- Three different types...

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Environmental Simulation Moisture Moisture, such as water spray, condensation and humidity is critical for testing many materials. All Q-SUN models are available with optional water spray and both the Xe-2 and Xe-3 models offer standard control of relative humidity. Water Spray Relative Humidity Water Purity The damaging effects of outdoor mois- In Q-SUN testers with water spray, highly ture attack are simulated by direct, available with relative humidity con- purified deionized water is necessary pure water spray. Humidity can affect degradation to prevent water spotting. Suspended programmed...

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Temperature Control of temperature is important because it significantly influences the rate of degradation. Specimen exposure temperature is precisely controlled in all Q-SUN xenon chambers using a black panel temperature sensor. Black Panel Lower Temperatures A black panel thermometer is used to For some interior products such as control temperature in the Q-SUN test models, chamber air can also be con- pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, lower chamber. Due to its black coating which trolled simultaneously with black panel exposure temperatures are necessary absorbs all wavelengths uniformly, it to...

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Operation Q-SUN xenon test chambers are extremely simple to operate. Specimen mounting and evaluations are simplified with specially designed specimen holders. is intuitive. All models are completely automated and can operate continuously, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Specimen Mounting Specimens exposed in a Q-SUN Xe-1 Designed to be both functional and Every Q-SUN tester goes through exten- easy to use, the Q-SUN controller can sive acceptance testing with a test izontal orientation. This flat specimen be programmed in five user-selectable standard of your selection, which is mounting system...

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