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Q-PANEL - 4 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

p Standard Test Substrates

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Standard Test Panels • Research, Development, Quality Control • Coatings, Plating, Adhesives, Sealants, Rust Inhibitors Consistent Three factors assure consistent quality at the lowest possible prices: • Volume metal purchasing from selected mills. • Automated production on a high-speed line. • Rigorous inspection at several processing stages from raw material to finished product. Economical Due to their high volume production, our panels cost less than you might expect for such a standardized surface. Equally important, the convenience of clean, safe, standardized panels reduces the expensive...

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Packaging Steel panels are packed in plastics bags in quantities of 20 to 50 panels, depending on type and thickness. Each packet contains vapor phase rust inhibitor. Between 4 and 10 packets are placed in a sturdy cardboard carton. With this multi-layer packaging, our steel panels have a shelf life of up to 10 years. The panels are stored completely clean, so there is no chance of oil stain ruining the surface. Aluminum panels are packed similarly, except without Panels are stored completely clean and, in most cases, can be used right out of rust inhibitor. the box. In most cases, the panels...

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p Steel and Aluminum Test Substrates Standard panels are made from steel and aluminum in a range of sizes and finishes. The following is a brief summary of our main standard panel types. See our Price List for a full listing, specifications and complete details. STEEL PANELS TYPE CRS SAE 1008/1010; 0.020" thick (0.5 mm); smooth finish CRS SAE 1008/1010; 0.032" thick (0.8 mm); dull finish CRS SAE 1008/1010; 0.032" thick (0.8 mm); ground finish CRS SAE 1008/1010; 0.010" thick (0.25 mm); smooth finish CRS SAE 1008/1010; 0.010" thick (0.25 mm); bright tinplate CRS SAE 1008/1010; 0.063" thick (1.5...

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