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Q-FOG Cyclic Corrosion Testers - 8 Pages

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Q-FOG Cyclic Corrosion Testers
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Catalog excerpts

Q-FOG Cyclic Corrosion Testers A More Realistic Salt Spray

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the natural wet/dry cycles of the outdoors, test results frequently provided poor correlation to outdoors. Cyclic Corrosion Testers • Improve correlation with outdoor results Perform sophisticated cyclic corrosion tests Perform Prohesion® or traditional salt spray exposures Conform to ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, automotive and industrial specifications Cyclic Corrosion Tests Cyclic corrosion testing provides the best possible laboratory simulation of natural corrosion. Current research indicates that test results are similar to outdoors in resulting structure, morphology, and relative corrosion rates....

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Q-FOG chambers are available in two sizes to fulfill a wide range of testing requirements. Model SSP for Prohesion or Conventional Salt Spray Model CCT for Corrosion Research and Cyclic Automotive Tests Numerous accelerated corrosion tests may be performed in Q-FOG model SSP, including Prohesion, ASTM B117, ASTM G85, BS 3900 F4 & F9, DIN 50.021 and ISO 9227. The Q-FOG model CCT has all the advantages of the model SSP, but adds the exibility of including 100% humidity, another critical exposure Prohesion. This test uses fast cycling, rapid temperature changes, a low humidity dry-off cycle and a...

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Easy Maintenance. Direct access to control components is possible with a removable side panel. All components in a Q-FOG tester are positioned to allow easy access for inspection and maintenance. Simple, straight forward operation; test status and diagnostics continuously displayed. Q-FOG Chamber Design Benefits Easy Programming. The Q-FOG model CCT is designed to cycle between four conditions: Fog, Dry-Off, 100% Humidity, and Dwell. The conditions, time and temperature are controlled by a user-friendly, built-in microprocessor. Interactive software allows easy user programming and operation....

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Precise Control of Fog Dispersion. The Q-FOG tester has superior fog dispersion compared to conventional systems which cannot vary volume and distance independently. A variable speed peristaltic pump controls the amount of corrosive solution delivered to the spray atomizer, while the air pressure regulator controls the distance of the “throw.” Reinforced Plastic Construction. In a Q-FOG test chamber, there is nothing to corrode and nothing to contaminate your test specimen. Q-FOG testers are made of solid, ber-reinforced plastic. The robust, heavy wall chamber and lid have low thermal conductivity...

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Cyclic Corrosion Testers: How They Work Cyclic corrosion tests expose specimens to a series of different environments in a repetitive cycle. Simple tests may consist of cycling between two conditions: fog and dry. More sophisticated procedures, such as automotive, call for multi-step cycles incorporating humidity or condensation, along with salt fog and dry-off. With the Q-FOG Cyclic Corrosion Tester, you can cycle through all these environments in one chamber. And, with the custom controller, you can easily program complex test cycles or run any of the pre-programmed procedures. Fog Function...

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Cyclic Corrosion Testers UV Exposure Improves Laboratory Corrosion Correlation The QUV/se tester features SOLAR EYE® irradiance control for precise maintenance of UV light. While both the QUV and the Q-FOG testers have outstanding advantages on their own, when used together they are revolutionizing corrosion testing. Ultraviolet light stability of a coating can be a major factor in its corrosion resistance. Degradation and corrosion that occurs in natural environments can be better simulated by incorporating UV/weathering factors into a wet/dry cyclic corrosion test. Research indicates that a...

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