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Catalogue excerpts

TOPGRINDER The TopGrinder by Q-fin is a manually operated machine that can be used for various metalworking processes like grinding, deburring and polishing. The TopGrinder allows you to cost-effectively and effortlessly produce a high-grade rounding. Also, it enables you to grind burrs, and even to perform high-gloss polishing. Q-fin’s vision sparked the development of the TopGrinder. There are no optional extras, full-option is our standard. The TopGrinder features a continuously adjustable speed and the vacuum system. This ensures that workpieces lie firmly on the work station while you work safely. Q-fin. Deburring, grinding and rounding

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THE TOPGRINDER TREATMENT • Stainless steel • Aluminum • Steel DESCRIPTION The balance arm allows you to adjust the grinding pressure to your liking. From floating to more pressure. The grinding head is equipped with two holders, enabling you to attach various grinding tools. Varying from standard tools with an M14 fastening, to brushes delivered by Q-fin in various sorts and sizes. The grinding head is adjustable in various positions (angles) for different processes and grinding tools. Switching a brush for a grinding wheel for example is very simple because of the double holders. Grinding material...

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