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FIERDE F1200 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FIERDE F1200 Based on the idea of ‘small for small’ and ‘large for large’, this large model deburring machine by Q-fin is designed for processing larger workpieces. This deburring machine with vacuum system can be used for the following types of work on non-ferrous metals: finishing, deburring, burr removal, edge breaking and edge rounding with a large radius. Q-fin. Deburring, grinding and rounding

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with a brush height compensation system developed by Q-fin. This • Stainless steel system provides ease of operation, continuously combined with the highest possible production speed and quality. • Steel Grinding belt TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS The grinding belt is equipped with an oscillation system, resulting in a • Conveyor belt is frequency controlled 1.2 – 10 meters per minute. fine finish. The grinding head features a unique construction, making • Vacuum system with 2.2 kW pump. the F1200 the most stable machine on the market. The grinding belt • Electrically adjustable height with digital...

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