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destra for Six Sigma - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

destra destra > ή for Six Sigma size="-1">

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Process improvement involves the targetedoptimization of specific conditions within agiven process. Our innovative q-STAT User Guidance for the Expert and theLayperson > destra > ή offers a wide range of statistical tests andstudies which can be easily accessed through a simplified selection menu. destra module destra > is designed to achieveprocess improvement and optimizationusing both simple statistical methods - theShainin methods - as well as moresophisticated studies. These statisticalstudies will enable the user to examine thecorrelation between existing processes andcalculate quality levels...

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The Reliability Analysis is a helpful tool fortesting whether a product meets itsrequirements under assumed conditionsover a certain period of time. Some of the procedures available are listedbelow: > ● End-of-Life tests destra > ΢׏ Censored tests (Type I and Type II as well asmixed models) enables the user to plan life span studies,evaluate data collected during the trial, and display the results graphically. Typical Procedures > ● Sudden-Death test destra > ● Sudden-Death test for field failure > ● Eckel procedure for field failures > includes a variety of failure analysisprocedures ranging...

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Design of Experiments is a tool used toexamine cause - effect correlationsbetween influence parameters and targetvalues as well as for the optimization ofproducts and processes. The innovative qs-STAT Meaningful Graphics destra > automatically carries out the evaluationof data and displays the results as easy-to-understand graphics in the same format thatusers of other Q-DAS > ή products are used to. > destra > ή module providesstructured data acquison capabilities tofacilitate these studies. Process Optimization Using Multiple TargetValues destra With destra > process optimization based onmultiple...

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Variance and Regression are used to adaptmathematical models to cause-effectcorrelations between influence parametersand target values. Designing Processes for Variance Analysis In destra > the beginner and the expert can designtheir analysis process with a just few mouseclicks. For the expert, a formula editor is alsoavailable to navigate through multiple design possibilities and create analysis processesincorporating mixed effects, hierarchically nestedmodels, as well as models for unbalanced data. > destra > ή provides a streamlined process forselecting an appropriate mathematical regressionmodel....

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Machines must be capable to produce thespecified product characteristics with the required accuracy. A machine capabilitystudy provides this verification. Afterprocess run-off, additional parts aremeasured, as a basis for the determinationof the preliminary process capability. Forprocess evaluation over an extended periodof time, process results are visualized with the help of distribution time models. Inturn, those will be the basis for thecalculation of the short and long termcapabilities as well as the selection ofcapable quality control charts. Quality Control Charts Both the Actual Value...

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The Type-1 study for the evaluation of new and existing measurement systems is carried outprior to an Acceptance Study at the supplier'sfacility or at the customer's final installation site.The capability indices Cg and Cgk will be usedas the basis to determine whether a measuring system is suitable for the planned operationunder regular operating conditions using a givenmeasurement standard. destra > offers various proceduresand methods to establish the capability ofany given inspection process based on itsintended purpose. Included in destraή are various measurementsystem capability studies...

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GERMANY USA Q-DAS CZECH REPUBLIC Q-DAS Q-DAS > GmbH & Co. KGEisleber StraΟe 2 69469 WeinheimPhone: +49 6201 39 41-0Fax: +49 6201 39 41-24 Hotline: +49 6201 39 41-14 E-mail: www > Incorporated2582 Product Drive Rochester Hills Michigan 48309Phone: +1 248 299 4910Fax: +1 248 299 4913 Toll Free: 888-412-7327 E-mail: www > ή spol. s.r.o.Vitezslava Halka 1654 26601 Beroun 2Phone: +420 31 16 22 139Fax: +420 311 626 515 E-mail: www .q- .q- .q- ITALY Q-DAS FRANCE Q-DAS CHINA Q-DAS > s.r.l.Centro direzionale EUROPALACE Via Cremona, 10/12...

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