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Sheet Metal Fasteners - 48 Pages

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Sheet Metal Fasteners
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Catalog excerpts

ffiriMȮtal) GLOBALMEASTENINGftSOUJTIONSl a NUTS STUDS STANDOFFS ► FLUSH NUTS ̕ FASTENERS FOR THIN SHEETS CUSTOM FASTENERS In business for over 75 years Excellent pricing Superior quality Large inventories we have the solution! Wherever you are... 0310

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JIVIinternational GlOBAl FiSTTNIW SOILTKNS PSM International is a Worldwide market leader in the designing and manufacturing of specialized engineered fasteners. Established in 1931, PSM has global capabilities with production and distribution opթrations in 23countries around the world. Our customers include the major players in the mobile tlcommunications, PC and laptop markets, as well as the automotive industry. Wherever manufactured goods are made, PSM has local people providing technical support, application engineering, project management, and customer service to a consistently high standard....

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[PME) (UCT P International SLBAL FA5TRTW SOLUTION ^ase;07-09 SMF Page:28-32 SMF P-HFH S The ANC HO R* RIVET BUSH <ARB) 1s a threaded fastener whichincorporۢtes a ser rated shank. This shank when rfveted over, cuts Into the surface of the sheet, givfng high torque rsistance and flrmly retainlng the bush in position. P-HFH SELF CLINCHING STUDS have been deslgned to bring htgher levels of performance t the P-FH range of fasteners for applications that do not demand a flush head condition. Page:l0-l2 SmF Page:J8-4l SMF ES3 HINIATi'RE ANCHOR'RIVET BUSH CLINCHING Nl'T I1MFS/N1KOT M1NARB* is a mlnfaturised...

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INTRODUCTION PSM Sheet Mtal Fasteners provide deep They can be described as either rtveting1 or 'clinching* types, tapped female threads or studs to be used according to their method of installation, in conjunction with thin sheet metallic materals. They are permanently attached to The simplicity of installation afforded by the mechanical the parent material allowing the associated boit method of attachment make th鯨se fasteners equally (or nut) to be removed in service without risk of suitable for installation by methods ranging from a simple the fastener becoming dislodged. This feature has presstofully...

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ARBARBS0 MINARfl MJNOFF PSP-SS P-CLS P-CLSS P*F P-FH PFHS P-HFH P-SO P-SOS P-BSO P-dSOS 1- MINLOK p Brass ■h Aluminium 1 Miid Sted Stainless Steel AR8 ARBSO MINARB MINOFF P-S P-SS PCLS P-OSS P-F P-FH P-FHS P-HFH PSO P SOS P-BSO P-BSOS MIM.OK z Simple Hand Tools 1 S ny Ftess 3 Sduee* Action Prra Fully AulomaiM KEY Contact PSM Technotoff Ont» Not Recommended Hi$h m _ N'A Technical dթtails moy chance. Ptease contact P$M international for tatest drowlns and spcification*. Order conditions ond minimum quontities rnoy oppty to some prodjets* www.psmintemati05al.com Version 0310

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klfasttieneir dnfokmatdon PSMPari Xumber Cross Rfrence-Examples PEM S驩ries PSMSeriw Description s. ss / as. CLSS P-S,p-ss; P-CLS. p-clss Seif-Clinchlng NUS FH, FHS P*H, P-FHS Setf<KrKhfcigStudl so, so$,eso, bsos P-50, P-50S. P-BSO, P-BSOS Self-CUnching Standoffs AU other part numbers for PSM Self-CHnching Fasteners follow a similar numbering pattern. nnalClinch Fa In addition to the common self-clinching fasteners detailed in this catalog, PSM can also provide the following clinching products:  Roating Nuts Օ Miniature Self-Locking Nuts  Top Collar Lock Nuts Օ Studs for Stainless Mating Materials...

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? ANCHOK? KDVET DUSH p International Global Fastening Solutions The ANCHOR® RIVET BUSH (ARB) is a captive threaded bush designed to suit a wide range of sheet thicknesses. Its serrated shank when riveted, achieves high torque and push out resistance. A standoff version (ARBSO) allows the body length to be specified, thus providing a captive threaded spacer. ADV ANT AGES IDEAL FOR BOTH THINNER AND HARDER SHEET METALS IDEAL FOR LIGHT ALLOYS, ALUMINUM, MAGNESIUM ETC. CAN BE INSTALLED BY HAND OR AUTOMATIC METHODS SUITABLE FOR USE IN PUNCHED OR DRILLED HOLES CAN BE USED FOR SHEET THICKNESSES UP TO...

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? Mmmm P International Global Fastening Solutions MINARB® can be installed using both an "impact" and a "squeeze" action, allowing both hand and machine installation. Sheet hardness is not critical as the bush deforms rather than the sheet, during installation. METHOD OF ASSEMBL Y 1. Punch a hole in the metal sheet to the size recommended in our technical data table. De-burring of the hole is not recommended. 2. Insert the serrated shank through the hole in the sheet. 3. Using the profiled punch detailed below, rivet the shank, spreading and flattening it onto the face of the sheet. PUNCH DET...

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International Global Fastening Solutions MINLOK is a miniaturised Anchor® threaded fastener for sheet metal with an inbuilt all-metal self-locking feature. It combines the simplicity and reliability of a standard MINARB® with thread locking offering a minimum of five re-uses. ADV ANT AGES PROVIDES EXCELLENT RESISTANCE TO SCREWS WORKING LOOSE ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR LOCKING WASHERS ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR THE APPLICATION OF LOCKING ADHESIVES SUITABLE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE APPLICATIONS DESIGN GUIDE HOLE SIZE IN SHEET Holes may be punched or drilled and a tolerance of -0.00 +0.1mm should be maintained....

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Global Fastening Solutions STANDARD MATERIAL- Mild Steel (S) STANDARD FINISH - Zinc & Clear Trivalent Passivation plus special lubricant. *NOTE: This product carries a pre-applied torque control lubricant which should not be removed. 'IMENSIONS INTERNAL Dia.of Dia.of Depth of Rec THREAD SIZES Shank Body Body Hole Size A B C -0.00+0.10 Unified ISO Metric mm mm mm mm 4 3 4.2 5.5 2.8 4.3 6-8 4 5.4 7.0 3.2 5.5 10 5 6.4 8.5 3.8 6.5 1/4 6 7.6 10.0 5.1 7.7 5/16 8 9.7 12.0 6.5 9.8 SHANK CODE 001 003 004 006 008 010 012 013 014 016 SHEET THICKNESS 0.5-0.6 0.7-0.8 0.9-1.0 1.1-1.3 1.4-1.6 1.7-1.9 2.0-2.2...

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? SEQJF CHJNOH1BNG NUTS p International Global Fastening Solutions PSM SELF CLINCHING NUTS are threaded fasteners which incorporate a knurled platform and a groove. This platform, when embedded in the sheet, causes the displaced material to flow evenly into the groove of the fastener to give a positive retention. HIGH TORQUE RESISTANCE REVERSE SIDE OF THE SHEET REMAINS TOTALLY FLUSH SMALLAND NEAT, IDEAL FOR ALL ELECTRONICS OR PRECISION EQUIPMENT EASY ASSEMBLY WITH ANY SQUEEZE ACTION PRESS HOLE PREPARATION Holes may be punched or drilled and a tolerance of -.000" +.003" (-0.00mm +0.08mm). Where...

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