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Insert For Plastics - 34 Pages

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Insert For Plastics
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Catalog excerpts

P International Global Fastening Solutions INSERTS FOR PLASTICS

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P International lobal Fastening Solutions PSM INTERNATIONAL is a British based company providing specialized engineered fasteners applied to a broad range of industries. The business was established in 1931, today the Company is a member of EQT and has global capabilities with manufacturing and distribution opérations in 23 countries around the world. Our customers include the major players in the mobile tlcommunication, PC and laptop markets as well as the automotive industry. Wherever manufactured goods are produced PSM has local people providing technical support, application engineering, project...

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P International GLMAL FaSTEkK s0ujk>*$ INDEX Features a unique combinatlon of opposed knurls and knurted vanes provtdtng increased performance levels, even over the Sonic-Lok insert. Installation is simplified by the symmetncal nature of the insert, eliminating the need for orientation du ring automated or hand feeding. A miniature insert with ail the design features and characteristics of the Tech*5onic range* It is idal for today's smaller plastic products and enaWes the use of very small screws that will provide compl難te re-usability with no risk of thread stripping proWems. Designed for rapid...

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irw* Type V* 4 Hi* «m *nd Vud *>pr V7* A VW wnr» «rfl >twMil & HiO «ftn & Vud (vwttfts » Designed to cope with the  self-tapping Insert suitable for Installation Into a difficulties prewnted by hard brittle wlde range of thermoplastic and thermosetting thermoset materials. The sharp pla5tic materiaK are pafticularty suitaWe for prcision knurl paitern cuts into thse .. . . materials reduclng radi騢t stresses and *PP»«tio« t*ٙ! M* J»*«it loading and allowlng thlnner bo*s walls than many matemts with lowtore strengths, olher inserts. Idal for use in hard thermosetting plastics, BancLok are press»in...

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Designed for rapid installation into thermoplastics using heat or ultrasonic. It features opposed helicat knurl bands to provide a combination of htgh torque and pull out rsistance. ADVANTAGES Permits thin boss walls allowing compact boss design Provides high torque and pull out performance Rapid installation using heat or ultrasonic Choice of lengths available Self-alignlng-Assists Installation DESIGN GUIDE HOLE PREPARATION Moolded holes are recommended wherever possible. The taper on a moulded hole should be 1 * inclusive and the hole diameter recommended should apply atthe point reached by...

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International Global Fastening Solutions JVlNJN Offering high pull out/torque performance. HiTork is recommended for high fill plastics with reduced installation depth, is tolrant of moulding process variables and provides high process capability. ADVANTAGES  High Pull Out and Torque Performance 镕 Capable of providing "boit break performance"  Especially recommended for high fill plastics Reduced installation depth Օ Tolrant of variations from moulding process  High installation speeds 镕 Greatly reduced scrap rate  Higher productivity Օ Provides high process capability DESIGN GUIDE HOLE PREPARATION...

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International Global Fastening Solutions TECHNICAL DATA STANDARD MATERIAU BRASS (B) Other materials possible on quotation INSERTS HOLE CONFIGURATION P D At Bottom b of Hole 1 \//\-V-A PRODUCT CODE [HT] Moulding Taper l'Inclusive DIMENSIONS ISO METRIC Unit: Millimtres Thread Size Insert Length A Head Height A Head Diameter A Insert 0 D Pilot End P a a1 b Rec.Hole Size -0.00 + 0.10 c d e P Min. Wall Thickness M4 9.6 0.5 9.0 9.0 8.2 11.0 9.6 0.9 10.0 8.3 6.5 7.4 3.5 M5 11.0 0.5 10.5 10.5 9.7 12.0 11.0 0.9 11.4 9.9 6.5 8.6 4.5 M6 11.0 0.5 12.0 12.0 11.2 12.0 11.0 0.9 13.0 11.3 6.5 10.4 6.0 M8 11.0...

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International Global Fastening Solutions & STUDS S A press-in insert, which can be easily installe! into most thermoplastic materials. It features a combination of sharp fins and straight knurls. Unlike the Press-Lok range, this insert has a free running thread. ADVANTAGES  Easy press-in insertion High pull-out performance in most thermoplastics 镕 Self-aligning - Assists Installation ftr* DESIGN GUIDE HOLE PREPARATION Moulded holes are recommended wherever possible. The taper on a moulded hole should be 1 ° inclusive and the hole diameter recommended should apply at the point reached by the bottom...

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P International Global fastckm Solutions METHODS To meet varying production conditions, a range of assembly methods have bcen developed to cover most production requirements. A few examples of typical installation squences are shown below with suggested methods of installation. UNTRASONIC VIBRATION SONIC-LOK* TAPER-X* welder 6030 HI-TORK LOW/HIGH VOLUME - Any standard uitrasonlc HOTE: Corefut tuninf is required to achieve sotisfactory results. Some preliminory triais wUi be necessan/ tia b驩 SONIC-LOK' LOW VOLUME TAPER-X* - P.S.M HS1000 Hand Heat Serter - RS.M HS1000 6030 HGH VOLUME HI-TORK - RS.M...

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PSM International Global Fastemng Solutions Wherever you ore PSM con support you wftf)... Global Soles Offices Market Leading Applications Engineering State of the Art Technical Centers Rapid Prototypin$ Complte Product Line Inserts for Plastics The application of plastics in engineering design is on the increase. which Is why we offer the widest slection of inserts for plastics and every installation technique. Our applications Engineers are on hand to help you choose the most tutuble fastener for your sp詩cifie requlrements, can offer pre-production test facilitles and provide accurate performance...

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