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Direct Screw Fixings - 14 Pages

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Direct Screw Fixings
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Catalog excerpts

^ITI International ■^Global Fastening Solutions FOR PLASTICS & LIGHT ALLOYS Wherever you are... we have the solution! 1008 DSF

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, DIRECT SCREW FOXON© p International Global Fastening Solutions INTRODUCTION Direct Screw Fixings provide a fast, economical, production line solution to fixing plastic and light alloy components where the need for re-use and high assembly torque is not a major factor. The thread forms contained within this catalogue have been engineered to maximise the advantages of Direct Screw Fixings with forming screws for thermoplastics and light alloy materials and cutting types for use with thermosetting materials. The adoption of these thread forms ensures that the margins between installation and stripping...

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DIRECT SCREW LFDXDNG: psm International ^ ""Global Fastening Solutions TIVIP SERIES The TMP SERIES is a range of direct screw fasteners for use in thermoplastics. The key design aspects include a profiled thread root to assist plastic flow, a 30° flank angle to reduce boss bursting forces and an 8° pitch angle which combine to give low installation torques with high stripping torques. For those applications not requiring the high levels of thread re-use and high clamping torque, (properties associated with threaded inserts) TMP screws offer an economical solution to plastics assembly and has distinct...

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p International Global Fastening Solutions TMP SERIES DESIGN FEATURES DESIGN RECOMMENDATION 8° OPTIMUM PITCH ANGLE 8° Hole Diameter Boss Diameter Min. Screw MATERIAL Pntration Depth ABS 0.8d 2d 2d ABS/PC Blend 0.8d 2d 2d ASA 0.78d 2d 2d PA4.6 0.73d 1.85d 1.8d PA4.6-GF30 0.78d 1.85d 1.8d PA6 0.75d 1.85d 1.7d PA6-GF30 0.8d 2d 1.9d PA6.6 0.75d 1.85d 1.7d PA6.6-GF30 0.82d 2d 1.8d PBT 0.75d 1.85d 1.7d PBT -GF30 0.8d 1.8d 1.7d PC 0.85d 2.5d 2.2d* PC-GF30 0.85d 2.2d 2.0d* For other materials contact PSM. Hole Diameter Boss Diameter Min. Screw MATERIAL Penetration Depth LDPE 0.7d 2d 2d HDPE 0.75d 1.8d...

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MMBH SCREW FIXING p International Global Fastening Solutions TMA SERIES The TMA Sϩries is a range of direct screw fasteners for use in light alloys. The design incorportes many unique features which provide designers with a really effective direct screw fixing for these materials. The profiled thread root gives low installation torque whilst the special thread form provides high stripping torque. ADVANTAGES THREAD FORMING - NO DEBRIS RELIABLE a EASY INSTALLATION INTO PUNCHED, DRILLED, EXTRUDED a MOULDED HOLES RE-USABILITY OF SCREW SPECIAL PROFILED ROOT DESIGN GUIDE  Reduces stress ╕ Allows material...

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MMBH!SCREW FDXDMG p International Global Fastening Solutions ALL SERIES SPECIAL VARIATIONS OPTIONAL FEATURES 1 1 'i iif - Ratchet Head Head with hollow groove Slotted Cheese Head Slotted Pan Head Slotted Countersunk Pilot Point Cone Point Dog Point OTHER AVAILABLE RECESSES Double Ended Stud Slotted Shoulder Screw Hex Head PH Combination Recess (AL) PZ Combination Recess (BL) Combination 6-LOBE F?F1 Tamper Proof Hex Flange Captive Claw Washer DSF-02 www.psminternational.com Version 1008

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International Global Fastening Solutions ever you are PSM can support you with... Global Sales Offices Market Leading Applications Engineering State of the Art Technical Centers Rapid Prototyping Complete Product Line r ^\ Inserts for Plastics 'f'^ ./-^ \ The application of plastics in engineering design is on the increase, which q ' 1 is why we offer the widest selection of inserts for plastics and every o '"'Oo? I installation technique. I Our applications Engineers are on hand to help you choose the most ■ * suitable fastener for your specific requirements, can offer pre-production test facilities...

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PSM Sales Office SHANGHAI PSM FASTENERS SHANGHAI 21G Orient International Science & Technology Building, No. 58 Xiang Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai P.R. CHINA 200122 Tel: (+86) 21 6840 6515 Fax: (+86)21 6840 6519 Mail: Shanghai@psmpacific.com SHENZHEN PSM FASTENERS SHENZHEN Unit 2601, Block C, World Trade Plaza, Fuhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, P.R. CHINA 581033 Tel: (+86)755 8377 8417 Fax: (+86) 755 8377 8415 Mail: Shenzhen@psmpacific.com TIANJIN PSM FASTENERS TIANJIN Room 2506,Golden Emperor Building, 20 Nanjing Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, P.R. CHINA 300042 Tel: (+86) 22 2312 6603 Fax:...

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