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HD RANGER 2 - 19 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PROMAX NEWSLETTER THE smart field strength meter YOU must have HD RANGER 2 pe&to believe! S HD RANGER 2: Field Strength Meter V MO-480/81: Broadcast grade DVB-T2 modulator V TVHUNTER+: Handheld analyser for DVB-T2

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HD RANGER 2 s&TTo believe! Center Freq High resolution 7" touch screen It helps you work easier and faster The HD RANGER 2 features a new touch screen with excellent brightness and superior image sharpness. You will see touch the difference! It can also be used wearing gloves. Hybrid operation Touch or no touch. Your decision The control software is designed in such a way that the meter can be fully operated using both the touch panel and the conventional Improved mechanical design Setting new standards for handheld field strength meters Ergonomic handle, tripod coupling, specially formulated...

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HD RANGER 2 Improved computing power Triple split display three functions in a single screen The HD RANGER 2 can display information on several screens at any single time Fast & accurate spectrum analyser 90 ms sweep time & amazing resolution Variable span, 10, 5, 2 or 1 dB/DIV vertical scales, max and min hold, persistence control, etc... are some of the outstanding features of the HD RANGER 2 spectrum analyser function. Identifying intermittent or random problems at a glance They have been developed to allow for an early identification of intermittent and sporadic problems that may only happen...

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HD RANGER 2 Optical measurements option The HD RANGER 2 optical option is a versatile '2-in-1'tool: a selective Optical Power Meter and a selective Optical-to-RF converter. It is worth mentioning the triple optical filter (1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm) integrated in the optical module, which allows you to work simultaneously with several wavelengths, thus covering many more applications than with other meters. Selective Optical-to-RF converter Use it for Optical LNB, RFoG, FTTH, GPON... RFoG (Radiofrequency-over-Glass) is used more and more by CATV operators because it allows them to benefit from...

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HD RANGER 2 Optical measurements option Selective Optical Power Meter Test and Certify Optical Networks The selective HD RANGER 2 OPM combined with a portable triple laser source such as PROLITE-105 (sold separetely) forms a complete Optical Loss Test Set that allows you to measure fibre attenuation. This is of great interest in live FTTH/GPON installations certification or even before they are in service.

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HD RANGER 2 Advanced satellite functions Decoding PLS encrypted transponders The PLS index is a number generated by the broadcaster that must be properly decoded by the customer so that demodulation is possible. HD RANGER 2 can also work with these type of signals. Beacon - Flyaways, SNG and VSAT Helping live broadcast in remote areas The HD RANGER 2 spectrum analyser function makes it easy for technicians working in VSAT applications to set up their satellite transmission-reception systems.

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HD RANGER 2 Powerful Datalogger and installation menu New Data logger Wiza rd Welcome to the new datalogger wizard! From here you will be able to create and define a new datalogger. Press Next to begin the process. You can press Cancel at any time to exit. Datalogger wizard Configuring Datalogger and installations easily Datalogger configuration is usually the less automated part of operating a datalogger and it is the main source of user errors. HD RANGER 2 includes a configuration wizard that helps you complete this process fast and easy. Automatic Datalogger Running automatic data acquisition The...

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HD RANGER 2 Extended connectivity features HDMI Interface Using the meter as a source of high definition video The HD RANGER 2 includes an HDMI output to interface with other High Definition equipment. It can also be very useful to check proper operation of the client's TV while on a service call. Everything that can be seen on the meter's screen is available ASlO ASI-© Transport stream input and output Interfacing with professional headend equipment Having a TS-ASI input and output is an essential feature when you work with professional digital headend equipment. You can monitor and analyse streams...

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IPTV Input IP input Interfacing with IPTV equipment IPTV stands for TV over IP networks. It actually means TV over any type of IP packet based distribution network. They can be referred to as LAN (Local Area Network), ethernet, computer networks, etc.. With the growth of LAN based TV distribution systems, having an IPTV input in your field strength meter becomes a handy feature IPTV Reception Displaying video over IP The HD RANGER 2 allows you to receive television programmes coming from IPTV networks. Those programmes can be displayed on the screen together with other important service information. Measurements...

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Touch screen Dolby Digital Plus Common interface HDMI output TS-ASI in/out Wi-Fi dongle Optical fibre ^jaeto believe!

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HD RANGER 2 Constellation diagram Using the Cable TV modes Every modulation type is represented differently. A DVB-C 16QAM signal is represented on the screen by a total of 16 different zones, and a DVB-C 64QAM is represented on the screen by a total of 64 different zones and so on.

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LTE interference on SMATV systems Minimizing LTE effect on your TV system The HD RANGER 2 has a variety of tools that allow you to compare the signal reception quality measurements on digital TV channels with and without the LTE filter. This is very helpful to anticipate the performance improvement you should expect on your TV distribution system well before you physically make changes to the cabling to insert the LTE filter. LTE interference on CATV networks Locating interference sources to prevent service calls Some of the bands allocated to LTE are near or inside former television bands. For...

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HD RANGER 2 Common Interface and Dynamic Echoes Analysis Common Interface Decoding encrypted channels The HD RANGER2 includes a CI slot that allows interfacing with CAM modules available in the market and decoding encrypted channels. The use of encryption is widely spread among television operators so this function is very useful indeed. Dynamic echoes analysis Displaying signal echoes real time Dynamic echoes measurement is an essential function in DVB-T, DVB-T2 and recently in DVB-C2 as well.HD RANGER 2 covers all these standards. The information about the various echoes received at the test point...

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