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Phenom Pro desktop SEM - 4 Pages

Specification Sheet | Microscopes

Phenom Pro
Most professional desktop SEM imaging

Phenom Pro

Acceleration voltages

High-end desktop SEM with superb imaging power

Between 5 kV and 10 kV acceleration voltages for the
best resolution on a large variety of samples


Never lost navigation

Magnification range up to 130,000x

Swift navigation to any region of interest with zoom
and full color functionality

Phenom Pro desktop SEM
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    The Phenom Pro is Phenom-World’s high-end imaging desktop SEM. In combination with a large range of sample-holders andautomated system software,...
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    Never lost navigationThe color navigation camera in the Phenom Pro providesinformation that helps the operator to make a link betweenthe optical and electron-optical...
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    ProSuitePhenom ProXProSuiteProSuite is an optional application system that has beendeveloped to further enhance the capabilities of the Phenomsystem. ProSuite...
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