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Material Characterization Consumables Catalogue - 45 / 60 Pages

fluorescence sample holders
Simple, accurate temperature
control for all applications
Four-position Thermostatted Automatic Cell Changer
Biokinetics Accessory
Ideal for Polarization
Studies, Protein Folding
and DNA Melting.
Biokinetics Accessory for LS50/45/55
Peltier Accessory
For analyses where more rapid heating and cooling is required, a
single-cell, water-cooled Peltier accessory is available. Operation
between 0 – 100 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C makes it the ideal
choice for a wide variety of applications, for example, thermal
denaturation of proteins. Temperature control is via keypad or the
optional TempScan software.
Description Part No.
For LS50/45/55
Single-cell Peltier Accessory L2250150
TempScan Software L225B009
Requires a source of liquid cooling, such as a water-circulator.
Requires Accessory PCB Kit (L2250162) for use with LS-45.
Changes in temperature affect fluorescence intensity. A simple,
inexpensive and accurate way to control sample temperature is to
use a thermostattable cell holder through which water from an
external water-bath can be circulated. For temperature ramping
studies and experiments where more rapid heating and cooling is
required, a single-cell Peltier-thermostatted accessory is available.
Four-position Thermostatted
Automatic Cell Changer
The Four-position Cell Changer accommodates four square, 10 mm
pathlength cells or four micro-cells with adapters.
Description Part No.
For LS50B/55 L2250134
Requires, but does not include, 4 Adapters (L2250139) to work with micro cells.
Includes 6 Stirrer Fleas.
Single-position Thermostatted Cell Holder
Water-thermostatted cell holder for a 10 mm pathlength cell. This cell
holder is included as standard with the LS-45 and LS-55.
Description Part No.
For LS50B/45/55 L2250140
The Biokinetics Accessory consists of a magnetically stirred single-cell holder
with a built-in temperature sensor (0 – 100 °C) event marker. Thermostattable
by an external water-bath (not included).
Includes 6 Stirrer Fleas. Requires Accessory PCB Kit (L2250162) for use with LS-45.
Description Part No.
For LS50/45/55 L2250145
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Material Characterization Consumables Catalogue
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