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Fasani Bronze/Brass Utility Products - 18 Pages

Bronze and Brass Valves

A range of bronze and brass valves in small sizesspecifically targeted for water, air and gas services.


Fasani has developed a complete line ofbronze and brass valves in small diameters
suitable for general utilities and industrial
applications. The Bronze and Brass Fasani rangeincludes gate, globe, check and ball
valves, dirt collectors and fire hydrants,
all available in various pressure ratings. ՕThe bronze valves are manufacturedcompletely from castings, while the
brass valves can be manufactured in hot
pressed or shell cast brass.Gate valves are produced in screwedbonnet configuration and union bonnet
configuration. The Union bonnet is asolution offering the maximum safetyespecially in higher pressure ratings.
Gate valves are also recommended for
on/off service, minimum pressure drop
and occasional operations. >

Technical data

Pressure ratings:from PN 16 to PN 48 Body materials:Brass (B 283) Bronze (B 62).Sizes:from 1/4Ք to 6.
Connection Standards:
where not specified, the threaded
connections are available as parallel thread
(as per BS 21 / UNI-ISO 228/1) or taper
thread (as per ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-NPT)on request. All dimensions in this datasheetare in mm (where not indicated). >

General application

Fasani bronze and brass valves are
successfully installed in many industrial
plants and general utilities. Their typical
applications are on water, air and gas, with
a temperature from 0԰C to 100C. More
specifically: water transmission and waste
water treatment plants; heating,
refrigeration and thermal plants; civil and
domestic applications; hydraulic and
instrumentation systems. >

Valve Articles Range

Art. 1000 group:gate, screwed and union bonnet
Art. 2000 group:globe
Art. 3000 group:swing check
Art. 4000 group:lift check
Art. 5000 group:ball
Art. 6000 group:dirt collectors
Art. 7000 group:stop cocks
Art. 8000 group:foot valves
Art. 9000 group:fire hydrants
-:spare parts >
Tyco reserves the right to change the contents without noticeFASRA-0006-EN-0408 size="-1">

Fasani Bronze/Brass Utility Products
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    Bronze and Brass Valves Gate Valves 1112610987531 Brass gate valve, non risingstem, screwed bonnet, PN 16 range 3/8 to 4Ԕ Art. 1030:parallel...
  3. P. 3

    Bronze and Brass Valves Gate Valves Bronze/Brass gate valve, nonrising stem, screwed bonnet, PN 16 range 1/4 - 4Ԕ 1112610987531 Art. 1230:...
  4. P. 4

    Bronze and Brass Valves Gate Valves Bronze gate valve union bonnet,rising stem, PN 25 range 1/4 - 4Ԕ 11126109875314 Art. 1350:parallel threaded...
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    Bronze and Brass Valves Globe Valves ronze/Brass globe valve, risingstem, screwed Bonnet - P N 16 range 1/2 - 4Ԕ 1112610987531134 H1 OpenH...
  6. P. 6

    Bronze and Brass Valves Globe Valves B ronze globe valve, rising stem,union bonnet, PN 40 range 1/4 Ԗ 4 12101198547311312 Art. 2070: parallel...
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