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TELESCOPIC STEEL COVERS Standard products Telescopic Steel CoversFor all types of machine tools. For heavy covers: a) over 110 kg for horizontal covers b) over 70 kg for front or vertical covers. Special supports are included for easy, secure lifting. Wipers keep the surface clean and prevent chips and shavings from getting onto expensive rails. They must be heat and coolant resistant, and thus are made of polyurethane, with or without a protective stainless steel chip guard. Special anti-friction brass guides or wipers with polyurethane rubber are inserted on the sides of the Telescopic Steel Covers, at the discretion of the engineer based on speed, seal and dimensions. Reproduction of this page is strictly prohibited. The steel used is extremely high quality in terms of flatness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Thickness ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm. Telescopic Steel Covers may also be made of stainless steel. For high speeds, P.E.I. shock absorbers (patented) are inserted in these positions. They are very effective in reducing impact between boxes during movement. These shock absorbers allow working speeds considerably higher than those previously possible, while simultaneously reducing noise levels and wear. This innovation, together with precision production methods, make it possible to accomodate even the fastest machine tools. For high speeds or weights, special bearings are inserted for smooth, silent movement. Telescopic Steel Covers with bearings require tempered or auxiliary guides. Compact, low-speed Telescopic Steel Covers are equipped with special anti-friction brass or non-metallic guides.

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TELESCOPIC STEEL COVERS Standard products Vertical position Working Positions Horizontal position Removable closing panel if desired Profiled guides for secure fastening Cover gathered on extensions or support flanges, if desired Configurations Reproduction of this page is strictly prohibited. Only a few standard configurations of Telescopic Steel Covers are shown above.

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TELESCOPIC STEEL COVERS Standard products Accessories for telescopic covers SYNCHRO-TEL: The mechanical brace system that synchronizes movement in telescopic covers • SYNCHRO-TEL synchronizes the opening and closure of medium sized telescopic covers and is ideal for working at high speeds and acceleration. It generates minimum stress on the pivots. • It is convenient, SYNCHRO-TEL eliminates any collision between the boxes. • Guaranteed stability of the telescopic shafts secured by three pivots to the boxes. • Mathematical testing and calculations prove SYNCHRO-TEL to be the most reliable and durable...

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