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ROLL-UP COVERS Standard products Roll-up Covers P.E.I. Roll-up Covers are normally equipped with our patented system of multiple springs. This offers countless advantages: •    Reliability    •    Compact size •    Extremely high speeds    •    Easy installation •    Resistance to high and low temperatures    •    Constant tensioning •    1,000,000 movements guaranteed    •    Special roll-up covers for machine tools Reproduction of this page is strictly prohibited. STEEL-TEX A roll-up safety barrier made of stainless steel: a band made of steel material on a polyester support. • STEEL-TEX is cut resistant on impact with incandescent and sharp metal shavings. • STEEL-TEX offers exceptional resistance during dry working or with coolants. • STEEL-TEX is compact, weighs 0.9 kg per sq.m and is 0.8mm thick. • STEEL-TEX can be installed on the entire range of P.E.I. roll-up covers.

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ROLL-UP COVERS Standard products Shaft sizes Standard Roll-up Covers For special working conditions, our engineering department can adjust these dimensions. Carefully review the drawing enclosed with the proposal. Formula for calculating the OVERALL WIDTH OVERALL WIDTH = LT + 2Y SURE-SPRING® Roll-up Covers Reproduction of this page is strictly prohibited. Measurements for standard supports Code L = MAX. LENGTH TO WIND s = BAND THICKNESS* r = ROLLER 0/2 (* see materials list on pages 56-57)

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ROLL-UP COVERS Standard products Roll-up Covers with Canister Enclosing the roller offers many advantages: • Protects roller from accidental impact • Integral wiper keeps band clean • Attractive appearance Wide variety of fastening systems Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel 1,000,000 movements guaranteed Reproduction of this page is strictly prohibited. Canister material Aluminum Recommended sizes These tables list the recommended MAX. BAND LENGTH based on the OVERALL WIDTH. The values shown are guaranteed at a MAX. SPEED of 40 m/min. For higher speeds and for sizes not indicated in the...

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ROLL-UP COVERS Standard products Installing Roll-up Covers This diagram is valid for all Roll-up Covers, and shows: • Terminal type • Terminal position on the band Band output direction View of shaft/tab Horizontal and frontal positions Standard canister mounting systems: To describe the canister attachment system, place one of the drawings below over the selected roll-up cover position, above. Do not rotate either drawing. Positions Horizontal Wiper: This diagram shows the 2 ways to install the wiper to the canister. Example assembling code Visible side Visible side Visible side Visible side Visible...

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