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General Product Catalogue - 206 Pages

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General Product Catalogue
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Catalog excerpts

New Frontiers in Safety, Security and Comfort.

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“New Frontiers in Safety, Security and Comfort” is PATLITE`s mission. PATLITE offers state-of-the-art equipment for process and industrial automation for over 60 years. Our Innovative and robust design, backed by a powerful commitment and years of knowledge, has made PATLITE the world’s best known manufacturer of the visual and audible signaling products. We are also dedicated to the development of explosive and harshenvironment products to demonstrate our strong commitment to serving the industry with unique and innovative solutions. ■■ From designing to production, quality control is managed In...

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No protection. Protection against solid objects larger than 050mm. Protection against solid objects larger than 012mm. Protection against solid objects larger than 02.5mm. Protection against solid objects larger than 01mm. Protection against dust-limited ingress (dust-protected). Total protection against dust (dust-tight). 0 No protection. 1 Protection against vertical falling drops of water. 2 Protection against dripping water when tilted up to 15° Protection against spraying water. Protection against splashing water. 5 Protection against water jets. 6 Protection against heavy seas. 7 Protection...

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Symbols Used in this Catalog Light Source High-intensity LEDs with about 60,000 hours worth of service life and low power consumption that outlasts any bulb. Economical and readily available from PATLITE. Daylight Warm White Temperature Color LEDs with a service life longer than incandescent and flourescent, but with lower power consumption. Small and bright halogen bulb with long-life. Sounds Electronic Sound Alarm with sounds that are easy to recognize and gentle on the ears. Maximum sound pressure level based on controlled environmental conditions and recorded contents (such as melodies, alarms...

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Network Products Explosion-Safe Products Signal Tower Signal Lights Revolving Warning Lights Alarm Products Voice & Sound Hybrid Products Optional Parts

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Model NHL PHE-3FBE1 PHC-100A DC 5V DC 12V Voltage DC 24V * * * LAN Network USB Connection RS-232C Wireless White Body Ivory White Color Black Output (dB (at 1m)) 80 80 IP20 Protection Rating IP Rating is the same as the Signal Tower its attached to. * Uses AC Adaptor ** Uses USB Power Source *** Uses Signal Tower Power Source DC12V DC24V AC24V DC48V Voltage AC100-110V AC115-120V AC200-220V AC230-240V CE Conformity Ex Zone Output (dB (at 1m)) Protection Rating

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Available upon special order.

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@ Available upon special order. Body Color Ivory White Silver Black Connection Type Lead Wires Transistor Input Flashing Function Protection Rating

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Signal Light Due to a specification change, body colors for Red and Yellow globes will be the same, but green and blue globes will have a white body. Revolving Warning Light Due to a specification change, body colors for Red and Yellow globes will be the same, but green and blue globes will have a beige body.

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A Used for charging, operates on a 6V battery supply.

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Audible Alarms & Annunciators Page No. Light Gray Body Color White Dark Gray Black Silver Sound Function Melody/Alarm Sound Reduction Transistor Input Channel Inputs (Bit (Binary)) Protection Rating @ Available upon special order.

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* When SD Card is used. Hybrid Annunciators Page No. Sound Function LKEH-FE LKEH-FV Transistor Input Channel Inputs Protection Rating

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Signal Tower Display a variety of colors in various ways to improve your processes. • Indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns. Can freely set up multiple colors. For example, a serious condition can be indicated with the "All-point Lighting" where the entire signal tower is the same color, thus conveying important information. • Use "Operating Modes" to enhance a visual status condition. The downloadable program can be used to make patterns change at set intervals so the signal tower can be used to count time or set a pace. • Simple and easy to use complimentary programming...

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An internal Mode Switch is available. Replacement Parts Headcover (Off-white) B31310001-7F1 (Silver) B31310001-9F1 Use the internal mode switch to easily set up various functions, such as the alarm volume. USB Port Cover (Off-white) B22100071-7F1 (Silver) B22100071-9F1 A new lens design optimizes visibility. The newly developed lens design efficiently diffuses LED light so that it is unmistakably visible, even from great distances. Freely change luminescence colors and patterns with editing software. Upload colors and patterns using the editing program to the signal tower using an USB cable* connected...

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Specifications Model

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Success Story Case 1 Manage and control assembly line progress with "takt time visualization!" Remainder Display remaining work time with the number of tiers Remainder 25min Task progress is understood in real time! Uneven task completion! Visible progress --> Even completion! Worker did not know how long it was taking to complete task, causing uneven progress of the entire assembly line and delays. Workers can pace themselves to complete their tasks on time. The entire line can move more evenly and delays are reduced. Replenish with precise timing with "cutting fluid level visualization!" Remaining...

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Water and Oil resistant high-power LED Work Light with a wider illumination span. • Made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass which is resistant to water and tooling oils. • Special design disperses light for a wider and brighter illumination in the work space. • The illuminance corresponds to EN1873 for safer exposure to eyes when working in the illuminated area. • The product lineup includes a mounting bracket and two bracket options (swivel or panel mount) to adapt to various scenarios. • Conforms to CE and RoHS requirements. • UL Listed (File No. E306141). It has passed the oil resistant test...

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It has passed the oil resistant test from the following common cutting oils. Confirmation in result of swelling, contraction, dissolution, exfoliation, separation, cracks, and discoloration by the accelerated impregnation examination with the oil types indicated in the table on the left for diluted oil at 550C for 240 hours (ten days) was made. Due to the additive agents in oil, the application of oils other than the ones mentioned may influence physical properties, therefore, please inquire in advance. * The mentioned company names, product names, trademarks, etc. are the registered trademarks...

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