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Catalogue excerpts

GEOPHYSICS ELECTRICAL IMAGING SYSTEM IN ALTERNATE CURRENT POLARES 2.0 APPLICATIONS: • Shallow detailed investigations of pollutant plums in the ground • Archeological surveys • Waste site doposit monitoring • Mapping and monitoring of salty water contamination of groundwater reservoirs NEW POLA RES v.2.0 + POWERF UL: 200W 2A - 700Vpp + PERFOR MING: > 40 000 ments for s ingle readin measureg + ACCESS OR custom AB IES: for VES and any MN configu ration + ELECTRO D also for 3D ES: unlimited - ideal surveys PASI S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino tel. +39 011 6507033 — fax +39 011 658646 e-mail:

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ELECTRICAL IMAGING SYSTEM IN ALTERNATE CURRENT POLARES 2.0 GEOPHYSICS POLARES BOX TECHNIQUE: Electrical imaging applied to geophysical exploration has been using the same traditional method for acquiring data of the traditional VES soundings with 4 electrodes: an electric current was applied between two electrodes and the correspondent voltage was measured between other two electrodes inserted in the ground. Applied current and the related voltage were always continuous, with an inversion of polarity for each measurement. POLARES 2.0 uses a sinusoidal alternate current of...

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ELECTRICAL IMAGING SYSTEM IN ALTERNATE CURRENT POLARES 2.0 GEOPHYSICS MAIN FEATURES: Compact, easy-to-use, the POLARES IMAGING SYSTEM can measures and display: ground resistance, current, voltage, self potential and standard deviations and IP. Computation of the apparent resistivity for the most used configurations of electrodes arrays: Schlumberger, Wenner, Dipole-Dipole (User defined configurations are also available trough Utility Software delivered with the instruments) With its automatic “multiplexer” to commute signals on the different electrodes, the istrument can...

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ELECTRICAL IMAGING SYSTEM IN ALTERNATE CURRENT POLARES 2.0 GEOPHYSICS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: CPU Arm 9 32 bit Operating system Linux Display QVGA 5.7” with LED background lighting Touch Screen 4 wire resistive Data storage Solid state flash memory External data ports USB host 1.1 Connectivity USB key Optional connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RS232, RS485, USB client, GPS, etc. GPS Integrated receiver for georeference of measures DSP Freescale (Motorola) 120 MIPS Converters A/D 16 bit SAR and D/A to 16 bit Voltage measurement range 300V, 30V, 3V Current measurement...

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