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DATA INVERSION SOFTWARE FOR □Slfxl ELECTRICAL IMAGING AND INDUCED This software has been developped for the inversion of data collected as to an electrode grid with rectangular meshes (Loke & Barker, 1996). The spreadings being supported include Pole-Pole, Pole-Dipole, line Dipole-Dipole, equatorial RES3DINV uses the minimum squares method to produce a sub-soil 3D model starting from the data of apparent resistivity. We warmly recommend to use a computer with minimum the following features: microprocessor Pentium Further to the dimensions of the grid and the number of acquisitions, the 3D inversion of a single set of data may as a matter of fact require from a few minutes up to more that 12 hours, depending on the performance of your PC. The program automatically selects the best inversion parameters for a certain set of data (those parameters may anyway be modified by the user). Three different versions of the minimum squares method are available for the inversion: a fast 'almost-Newton* method, a slower and more accurate 'Gauss-Newton* method, and finally a hybrid technique, rather fast and accurate at the same time. The 'smoothing* filter may be adjusted in two different ways: the first way is optimized for those areas that are characterized by a gradual variation of the resistivity with the depth, the other way is optimized for areas with very clear-cut variations. The topographical corrections may be entered using a 'distorted* grid of finished elements in order to coincide with the topographical undulations (Sazaki 1994) X Unit Electrode Spacing S.OM, V Unit Bei 116 tall on G - RMS Error B.T<H> Time tsken(200 MHz Pentium Prol t5162»eis. 3D model : restitution with horizontal sections ('horizontal slice*) at different depths (Dahlin, T and Bernstone, C, 1997, A roll-along technique for 3D resistivity data acquisition with multielectrode arrays, Procs.SAGEEP'97, Reno, Nevada, Vol.2,927-935) 3D vision of a gold and copper deposit (combination of data for apparent resistivity+IP) (Courtesy of Arctan service Pfy.Ltd., Australia and Phelps Dodge Corp., Porphyry copper gold prospect in Southeast Asia I Courtesy of Arctan Services Pty. Ltd. (Australia) and Phelps Dodge Corp. (USA)

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