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Earth Resistivity Meter 16GL-N Main Functions • High resolution (16 bit, floating point) • High sensitivity (lowest voltage measured: 600nV) • Instrument managed by multiprocessor • Continuous readout of current/voltage • Autoranging (automatical adapting of the instrument range to the signal value to measure) • Acquisition memory of 18000 readings without direct data downloading • Easy menu for quick learning • Creation of energetic wave based upon the parameters supplied by the user • Data transfer through USB 2.0 • More than 40 hours of autonomy • Automatic filtering • Reduction of noise with stacking and average of the values acquired • Automatic calibration at every switch-on • Suitable to any type of energizer (max. 1000V, 1A) • Light and compact structure in a sturdy weatherproof case P.A.S.I. S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino - ITALY e-mail:

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Technical Specifications Energization curve: External data ports: Noise suppression: Power supply: Operating temperature: Storage temperature: Physical dimension: may be customized by the following parameters: positive and negative wave length: time between positive and negative wave: 16x2 characters, background lighting 3 readouts of voltage and 3 readouts of current, consecutively and at wave term from +/-20mV to +/-1280 V (automatically selected) sequence number 2x internal rechargeable battery 6V - 4A/h more than 50 h, with low battery alarm indicated on display 38 X 27 X 15 cm (shock proof...

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A valid and ecological alternative to disposable 90V batteries, P100- XN represents a renewable energy source for the realization of vertical electrical soundings. It will be possible to carry out a series connec- tion up to a voltage delivery of maximum 1000V. P100-XN is compatible with all P.A.S.I. earth resistivity meters and is delivered in a practical transport case with handle. Technical Specifications: Internal 12V-12Ah Pb-gel battery Output voltage from 0-100 V Output current guaranteed 1 A Protection against short circuits Indication of battery charge on three levels Indication of current...

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^iiàjfl Configurations and part list Recommended configuration EARTH RESISTIVITY METER PASI Mod.16GL-N (complete system with 2 x P100-2 energizers, AB distance 600m) EARTH RESISTIVITY METER PASI Mod.16GL-N (complete system with 3 x P100-2 energizers, AB distance 1000m) EARTH RESISTIVITY METER PASI Mod.16GL-N (complete system with 5 x P100-2 energizers, AB distance 2000m) The depht of the research is depending of the AB distance and in favourable geological conditions is 1/5 ■ for additional technical or commercial questions pis. e-mail to

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