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EXPLORATION SEISMOGRAPH PASI MOD. ANTEO THE NEW MODULAR SEISMOGRAPH SYSTEM WITH UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CHANNELS Applications: • Seismic refraction • Seismic reflection • s-waves analysis (MASW, Re.Mi., Vs30, HVSR etc.) • Down-hole, cross-hole Main Technical Features: • • • • • • • modular system with unlimited number of channels 24 bits A/D conversion at each geophone SVGA Display 8” with LED backlight Linux operating system geophones test (Impedance, Frequency, Dumping, Electric Noise, Short/Open Circuit) record length 25000 samples (standard version, implementable on request) sampling interval from 0.016 to 62.5 ms (all channels) P.A.S.I. S.R.L. — Via Galliari 5/E — 10125 Torino — ITALY tel. +390 11 6507033 — fax +390 11 658646 e‐mail: web:

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EXPLORATION SEISMOGRAPH PASI MOD. ANTEO ANTEO is the expression of a new philosophy for a modular exploration seismograph. The system consists of a single control & display unit (ANTEO CU) that works together one or more special cables (ANTEO AD6-x), each one with no.6x 24 bits A/D converters to be connected to any standard analogue geophone. This means that your system can grow from 6 to any number of channels with the simple addition of more AD6-x cables, available with different geophone spacing (5m & 10m standard spacing, others on request) according to your own requirements....

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EXPLORATION SEISMOGRAPH PASI MOD. ANTEO TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ANTEO Instrument type Seismograph with signal digitalization 24 bits at each single geophone (it works with any kind and any freq.analogue geophone) Number of signals acquired Modular system with unlimited number of channels Sampling Interval (Sampling Rate) Record Lenght 25000 samples (6sec@0.125msec sampling interval) Preamp Gain 24 bits Delta-Sigma technology System Dynamic Range Instantaneous Dynamic Range Input Impedance Bandwidths (Frequency Response) 30kHz@64KS/s Low Pass Filters High Pass Filters Notch...

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