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Open System Crankcase Filtration
Select a Fitting/Hose Kit:
Fitting/Hose Kits come with both fittings and enough hose for the inlet and outlet sides of the Racor CCV assembly. Racor CCV filter units require straight thread o-ring x hose barb fittings available only at Racor. In order to determine the correct application, you need to know the quantity and the outside diameter of engine breather(s) hose connection. Fitting/Hose Kits are available in various sizes and configurations. Consult factory or
High-efficiency, high-capacity open-cell foam filter.
A unique baffle design disperses gases throughout the full length of the media - improving efficiency and release of oil into the reservoir - maintaining a low pressure drop throughout an extended filter life.
Reduces NOx and hydrocarbon emissions by lowering combustion temperatures (closed systems only).
Optional Tap Sleeves
CCV30100, CCV40100, CCV50125, CCV50125
Specially-compounded, long-lasting seals.
Integral drain/check valve allows for periodic disposal of collected oil. For maintenance-free operation, valve can be plumbed directly to the oil pan.
Oil reservoir collects filtered contaminants.
Crankvent CV820 and CV1000 Systems trap diesel engine crankcase blow-by gases and recycle engine oil through a high-performance, open-cell foam filter. They help to decrease costs for maintaining air filters and keeping engine rooms clean. These units are typically used as an "open" system for non-turbocharged engines.
Hump Hose Fittings
These are designed to be used with existing air cleaner to turbo rubber adapters.
Model No.
6.00" / 152 mm
8.14" / 207 mm
7.55" / 192 mm
8.48" / 215 mm
2.0 lbs./ 0.9 kg
3.0 lbs./ 1.4 kg
Filter Removal Clearance
4.00" / 102 mm
4.00" / 102 mm
Housing Material
Anodized aluminum
Anodized aluminum
All 18-8 stainless hardware
All 18-8 stainless hardware
Inlet Size
1" Female NPT
1-1/4" Female NPT
Outlet Size
1" Female NPT
1-1/4" Female NPT
Horsepower Range
Up to 350 HP (75-260 KW)1
350-600 HP (260-450 KW)1
Max. Cubic Feet per Minute
10 cfm /283 lpm
15 cfm /425 lpm
Service Kit
CV820 SK
CV1000 SK
Part Number Hose
CCV55113 1" CCV55114 1 1/4" CCV55115 1 1/2" FIG.3
For use on naturally aspirated engine.
(1) Use of two or more filters per engine allows higher flow.
(2) The Crankvent CV1000 must be used in two-cycle engines with air box drain applications. Additional details are available in technical manual #7503 or please consult Racor
Air Filtration Systems
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    MOREFROMRACOR Aerospace Group A leader in the development, design, manufacture and service of control systems and components for aerospace and...
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    Korea Brazil 135-080Phone:82 2 561 0414Fax:82 2 556 8187 Phone:+55 (11) 3917 1407Fax:+55 (11) 3917 7898 Parker Hannifin Korea Limited902 Dae Heung Bldg.648-23...
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