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Threshold Sensors
Banjo fittings in 10-32 to 1/2" pipe sizes are designed to be installed directly into actuator ports (up to 5" bore cylinders). The banjo fitting can accommodate other functional fittings and components such as right angle flow control valves or blocking valves. Banjo fittings screw into actuators using an Allen wrench or 5/16" hex head wrench for 10-32 size. Electrical or pneumatic feedback element snaps into place using a locking clip.
Model Selection
Banjo Sockets (with Sensor Clip)
Port Size
Model Number
5/16" Hex
3/16" Allen
5/16" Allen
3/8" Allen
1/2" Allen
Plug-in Sensors
Model Number
5/32" push-in
3-wire cable (6 ft)
Pneumatic sensors have a continuous pressure signal applied to the sensor device. Electrical sensors have a continuous electrical signal applied to the sensor device. The threshold sensor assembly mounted directly into the cylinder Port provides an output signal S, which can be pneumatic or electrical, when the falling back pressure in the exhausting chamber of the cylinder reaches the operating threshold (approximately 6-9 PSIG). (The device is a normally passing device. The output is only on when there is nearly zero pressure at the cylinder.)
Driving Pressure A
V ^-
\ Exhaust
/ \ Back Pressure B
} \
Valve Switch Over End Of Stroke
Circuit Pressure
The threshold sensor provides electrical or pneumatic feedback information on pneumatic (air) cylinder status. These devices monitor the back pressure of the cylinder's exhausting chamber. When the cylinder stops, the back pressure drops and the threshold sensor provides the desired output. Ideal for variable stroke applications. The banjo fitting and the feedback element are two separate subassemblies, giving the user flexibility between electrical and pneumatic outputs as feedback.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Pneumatic Division Richland, Michigan
Pneumatic Logic & Controls
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