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XR440 Pocket Data Logger - 15 Pages

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XR440 Pocket Data Logger
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Catalog excerpts

File Change Help Pace XR440-M Pocket Logger Font Size Giid Lines Mark Data Points Thick Plotting Undo Zoom Temperature, Loca- Pocket Logger' L/VI Data Loggers and Sensors

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A pocket-size Data Logger • Relative Humidity Also records: • Process Signals • Pulses & Events Signal Conditioning Four channels The XR440 Pocket Logger® is a button- less, four channel recorder designed for easy setup and trouble-free operation. Universal inputs Connect any PACE sensor directly to any Pocket Logger input; you can mix and match sensors in any combination. Proven Reliability Pocket Logger's reliability has been proven by years of tough field use. Accuracy specifications are maintained without user adjustment. An NIST trace- able Certificate of Validation is included with each...

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Pocket Logger Software®_ 3 Quick Setup Select a sample rate, start and run mode, and sensor scaling. Descriptive labels for each sensor and the logging session may also be entered. Setups On-line documentation Questions about sensor wiring and scaling are quickly answered using the context sensitive help. Free lifetime updates Pocket Logger Software is compatible with the XR440 Pocket Logger and all earlier models, including our first log- gers which shipped over fourteen years dated with new capabilities. Updated software is posted on our website, available for free download. I Pocket Logger...

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Pocket Logger® Accessories Temperature Probes Pace Temperature Probes connect to any Pocket Logger input channel and contain a precision 30k ohm thermistor. Using 24 awg stranded copper wire, leads may be extended to over 100 FT (30 meters) with no degradation in accuracy. Accuracy specifications are on page 14. Common Features • Extend leads with ordinary copper wire Closed end 1/8 inch diameter stainless steel tube. Available in three lengths: 4 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch. Teflon insulated 24 gage leads. Inserts into a Pete's Plug. Suitable for liquid or gaseous immersion, refrigeration, and general...

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Pocket Logger® Accessories 5 Relative Humidity & Temperature Probe Uses two Pocket Logger channels. A total of two RH & Temp. Probes may be connected to one Pocket Logger. Relative Humidity data is eas- ily converted to Wet Bulb or Dew Point with a mouse click. • High Accuracy • Long Term Stability Relative Humidity & Temperature Module Plugs into Pocket Logger, replacing the detachable terminal block. Uses two channels, one for temperature, and one for humidity / wet bulb / dew point. Same specifications as probe on left except for tem- Operating Temperature: Humidity Range: Temperature accuracy: Light...

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6 Pocket Logger® Accessories Pressure Sensors • Connect to any Pocket Logger input • No external power required • Long term stability • Proven reliability For Compressed Air, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Gas, Oil, Refrigerant, Steam Pressure and similar Compound ranges (Vacuum to positive pres- sure) available. Media Compatibility: Mechanical Shock: Proof / Burst Pressure Cycle Life: Pressure Port: Overall Size: Cable Length: Any media compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel. No O-rings or seals. 50 million pressure cycles minimum. Pressure Ranges: Stocked ranges listed at right (includes non-linearity,...

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Pocket Logger® Accessories 7 For indoor air applications including Lab/Clean Room Pressurization, Filter Differential Pressure, Fan Static Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Barometric Pressure. Soil Moisture Sensor • Connect to any Pocket Logger input • Low sensitivity to salt and temperature • No external power required EC20 Soil Moisture Sensor Pressure ranges: Combined repeatability, Temperature sensitivity: Pressure media: Common mode pressure: Proof / Burst pressure: Operating temperature: Overall size: Part Numbers: Measuring range: Power requirements: Overall length: Part Number: Stocked...

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8 Pocket Logger® Accessories • Connect to any Pocket Logger input • Self powered • Monitor motors, pumps, or any AC load • Wide range - Usable below 1% of full scale • Split Core design - easy to install • No exposed metal parts Input Current: Temperature effect: Response Time: Voltage Rating: Output cable: AC current, single phase 50/400Hz, load power factor 0.5 to 1.0 lead or lag. ±2.0% of reading from 2.5% to 100% of full scale. ±4.0% of reading at 1.0% of full scale. 600 VAC. Tested with full wave 10 kV 1.6x full scale (continuous). 1.25" overall width. Additional dimensions Length Depth •...

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Pocket Logger® Accessories 9 • Connect to any Pocket Logger input • No external power required • Very low internal resistance (0.25 milliohm) • Bi-directional operation • Rugged epoxy encapsulated housing Input Scaling Module Total Output Error: Temperature effect: Response Time: Over current rating: Oper. Temp. Range: Power requirements: Output cable: Current Terminals: Mounting Holes: Overall Size: 2 milliseconds (10% to 90% of full scale) 300 amps for 10 second pulse, 10% max. duty cycle for repetitive pulses; 800 amps for 1 second pulse, 1% max. duty cycle for repetitive pulses 3kV RMS minimum...

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10 Pocket Logger® Accessories Thermocouple / Millivolt Thermocouple Specifications Six Millivolt plug-in modules are available, each with a different mil- livolt range. Three of the modules (Mvt-llb, Mvt-22b, Mvt-50u) also accept a Thermocouple (Type J, K, N, R, S, T, B, C or E). A built-in, precision thermistor provides ambient temperature readings and for thermocouples, cold junction compensation. A Millivolt module configures a Pocket Logger as follows: Channel 1: Ambient temperature. Channel 3: Mllivolt signal (or thermocouple). Channels 2 and 4: 'Standard' channels for any Pace sensors, or...

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Pocket Logger® Accessories 11 • PT520: Continuous temperature rating of 260°C (500°F) • Connects directly to XR440 Pocket Logger A versatile, miniature communication module for networking multiple Pocket Loggers. Includes connector jacks for three Pocket Loggers and one jack for a PC or modem. No external power is required • Ideal for surface temperature measurements • Low mass for fast response The PT510 and PT520 Temperature Sensors consists of a thin-film platinum element encased in a high temperature laminate. The PT520 can operate at continuous temperatures of up to 260°C. The PT510 includes an...

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