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EMI Shielded Vents

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OurVH Shielding range of lightweight aluminium honeycomb attenuating ventilation panels comprise of forms of conductive airflow media retained within an aluminium extrusion. They are designed for use in racks and other forms of commercial enclosure. VENTSHIELD Attenuation Vents Lightweight aluminium honeycomb vents can be mounted onto most forms of shielded enclosure where airflow is needed, either over cooling fans or by convection. They can be mounted anywhere on the enclosure and can befitted with protective'kick-plates'to protect the honeycomb material from accidental damage. Where they may be exposed to the elements the vents can be fitted with 'slant' honeycomb which provides a downward facing aperture, prevent- ing the ingress of rainwater. This has the added benefits of directional airflow and increased attenuation due to the higher aspect-ratio of the cell structure. Honeycomb ventilation panels are usually supplied with gaskets in a ready-to-mount form which either fits around the aperture in the equipment (non-flanged style) or to be inset into the enclosure (flanged style). Depending on the performance requirements for the application, they can be mounted by bolting through clearance holes in the frame or through the use of captive threaded inserts. Aluminium honeycomb material is formed by expanding a bonded aluminium foil into a honeycomb structure. This process, which is common to all honeycomb manufacturers, produces a material which is 'polarised'and is conductive either horizontally or vertically. To overcome polarisation problems two layers of honeycomb, mounted at 90 degrees to each other, are used. Please contact us for further information about Each cell in an attenuation vent acts as a waveguide and its performance is a function of its width/height and the ratio between the depth and width of the cell. Generally an aspect ratio of 4:1 or 5:1 is used. Aluminium honeycomb vents are finished to suit specific applications and can be protected by Alocrom 1000,1200 or electroplating. We can also offer an Iridite conversion which is RoHS compliant. For gasket material specifications please refer to knitted mesh gaskets (pages 4-13), oriented wires in silicone gaskets (pages 20-22) and conductive silicone gaskets (pages 39-42). Performance: Typical Attenuation dB Springwood Industrial Estate

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VENTSHIELD Attenuation Vents Overall dimensions Fixing holes/fasteners Dust filtration Demountable dust filters are available for use with attenua- tion vents and are featured in the VB Shielding section. They are generally produced using the AF1 or AF5 frame style and can be mounted with quick-release fasteners for ease of Specify: Series - Frame Style - Vent Media - Overall Size - Number of Fixings - Fixing Type/Size Where possible please provide a detailed drawing. VH-AF1-01-2260-4330-12-T/H (4.8) specifies an aluminium cross-polarised vent panel in AF1 frame style with 12 through holes...

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OurVF Shielding combines the benefits of an attenuation vent panel with the properties of a dust filter in a single frame, unlike VB Shielding which utilises separate units fixed together in-situ. AF7 and AF8 and they incorporate a triple layer of woven and corrugated aluminium mesh. Each layer has a slightly different degree of corrugation and so provides separation and increased airflow potential. To enable it to perform its dual function the VF filter material is relatively dense and so requires an assisted airflow to operate correctly. A 'kick plate' is Duilt into the unit to protect...

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Our VB Shielding vent/filter assemblies are composites of the VH Shielding honeycomb attenuation vents and demountable dust filter panels containing demembraned polyurethane filter media. The vent is specified in the normal way and contains, within its mounting frame, additional fixings (usually captive threaded inserts) which are used to retain the framed dust filter element. The dust filter can be mounted either side of the vent panel and attention should be paid when specifying the type of interface gasket to ensure that, where necessary, it is conductive. The filter material is...

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Our VP Shielding honeycomb ventilation panels can be custom manufactured from steel, brass or stainless steel. When selecting the material, corrosion resistance relevant to the application environment should be considered along with the attenuation Typical construction styles are shown in figures A & B (other styles are available). Typical attenuation figures for the material types and thickness options are shown below. Both rectangular and circular styles are available. Various plating and gasket options are available and should be discussed at the time of ordering. The VP Shielding...

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Our VT Shielding thin vent panels can be custom manufactured from expanded aluminium, woven aluminium or expanded Monel. When selecting the material, airflow should be considered along with the attenuation requirements. VT thin vent panels are effectively slimmer versions of the VF air filters but with different filtration media. The VT Shielding comprises two basic types referred VT(A) panels incorporate an expanded aluminium mesh which is crimped into an aluminium extrusion frame. The VT(A) style offers excellent dust filtration and RF shielding performance but considerably restricted...

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